Saturday, September 18, 2010

Update From Mandy

It's been a bit slow with news and I have been just as slow, if not more so, with updates... Real Life takes over and I am a solo blogger so I appreciate your readership and support even when I get a bit slow now and then.

I have some exciting news about my busy month of October coming up...


Those of you on my facebook (Mandy S Mind) already know and some of yu on twitter do as well but for the rest of you here it is....

October is one of my most favourite months every year. It gets hectic but it is always a blast. besides my birthday mid month it is also Halloween one of my most enjoyable holidays!

This October is even more exciting because I have a few trips coming up.

Sorry to get personal, but those who know me know I am not a wealthy woman. I work VERY hard to get by and don't get a lot of "extras"

June was a huge reward for me to go to L.A. and it meant extra shifts and a lot of help to make it happen.

Lately I have been working non-stop and saving up for a few trips coming up.

First of all I am going to FORKS. A few of the fan sites are planning a weekend trip and so I am going down for one night of fun with them. Sadly not the whole weekend, but I have other committments that weekend...

The Official Twilight Convention in Portland!!!

I am presenting on Saturday and Sunday and will be taking Catherine Hardwicke's set tour also. I am so excited for this!

Not only is the convention amazing but a lot of familiar faces will be there so I am thrilled!

Next up it is my grandmother's 80th birthday. My Gramma is like my momma, she is my whole world and despite being quite sick the past few years she is still my closest family member... she and my Grampa live right across the street and I visit almost every day!

Also in October is my 30th birthday!!!

I have been looking forward to 30 (not dreading it like some) and planned a Vegas Trip for the weekend with a bunch of friends.

Then a few friends planned to go to NOLA for the NOFF and WTTR... so... I jumped on that also... I will fly to NOLA for a few days then to VEGAS to meet my hub and best friends for a weekend of debauchery!

Since NOLA is so close to BR a day trip may be in order ;) ha ha I will let you know

The last days of 29 and the first days of 30 are going to be unforgettable - - - or unrememberable ;)

Then I have my annual local birthday dinner with friends - I usually book out part of my favourite bar and have everyone I know come... it's a blast because with such busy lives sometimes some of us only get together a few times a year.

Lastly, my month ends with Halloween. I plan a massive Halloween event across Canada. In Vancouver alone we have 5000+ people on one night and I have been planning since May in 15 cities across Canada. It is a huge job and it keeps me very busy 24.7 in addition to my other regular job and life.

It usually means a stressful October and this year will be no less, the only difference is I will be partying it up for a few weekends because of trips :) wooooo!

Lot's going on so If there is anyone out there who wants to guest blog I am more than open to it ;) Help me keep this site going as it is my love, I just know it's going to be a tough month to upkeep!

So that is my busy month - I will try to be around as much as I can but if I am slow or AWOL for a day here or there - you know why......

but you better believe NOVEMBER I will be back full time posting like a mad woman ;)

Please scroll down for newest posts over this week.....



wig4usc said...

That is a lot, I'm exhausted just reading about it. But lots of fun too, look forward to hearing about it all as it comes!

Ami said...

Thanks Mandy!! Good Luck with your favorite October it is my birthday too. I always will be here, waiting for your amazing comments!