Monday, September 13, 2010

VMAS 2010

I posted Reasons to watch 2010 VMAs but really, they weren't all that entertaining.

On my list I was looking forward to a few things, so let's talk about those first and if they measured up to my expectations (not really) then I will discuss other things that happened.

First Taylor vs Kanye

This was anti-climatic.

She sang a forgiveness song that was sweet and slow and had subtle burns but more in a "i feel sorry for you" kind of way. The lyrics are here.

Then Kanye closed the show with a song that made me laugh mostly, though admitedly I had a moment of heartfelt emotion toward him... pity!

He has been such a jerk and his song says "Let's toast to the douchebags, let's toast to the assholes, let's toast to the scumbags" and part of me was laughing at the fact he uses those lyrics while another part of me felt sad he actually feels that way about himself... then I realized he is an ego-maniac who needs medication and it's actually progressive that he can accurately identify himself as a scumbag, asshole douche...



Some were not memorable, others were amazing.. stand out for me was Eminem opening up the show.... it's a shame he had to leave right after for a show in NYC.. he won a few awards he couldn't accept, not even by video and it kinda sucked actually.

His performance, however, was awesome... really love him! Rihanna showed up to sing also which was a shocker, she was supposedly unable to make it ha ha.

all the other performances were great, especially Florence + the Machine and Usher... I even liked lil Justin Beiber or Bieber or Beaver or whatevs... interestingly enough Usher was out of breath while dancing and singing while the Beaver wasn't even as he was tossed into the air... and his drum solo miraculously kept going even when one stick broke - - - ha ha ha

Jersey Shore

The trash of 2010 - they were in the hot tub and Chelsea got ina nd came out preggers, hilarious, I love that they are the punchline of every joke, and they don't care, I mean even with that kind of money do ou not look in the mirror and wonder wtf am i?

Lady GaGa

I was looking forward to her outfits, and she did not disappoint... nor did her speeches to be honest...

"I never thought I'd be asking Cher to hold my meat purse"

Before Cher announced the winner she said something along the lines of her being "the oldest, biggest hair, smalles outfit" and having "shoes older than some nominees" it was awesome!

After winning video of the year she announced the title of her upcoming album and sang a line, live, randomly from it. She was even a bit emotional! So non-gaga but awesome, even in a meat dress.

Chelsea was a good host, some odd humour, some over the top humour (Ride Joe / Alcide's face home) a nice opening act with Lindsay Lohan saying tha tno one wants to work with a drunk, she should know ha ha a few funny clips I really love that the stars can make fun of themselves, it's awesome!

Overall nothing really too exciting... but I watched anyways ha ha


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