Monday, September 13, 2010

True Blood Finale

Wow! Whatta season, whatta SHORT season, I know we always say we can't get enough of our favourite shows but season 3 felt really short. Why of WHY is TB only 12 episodes a season? It makes me sad... even sadder WHY OH WHY does TB have such a LONG GAP between seasons?

Season 1 ran September 2008 - Nov 2008
Season 2 ran June 2009 - September 2009
Season 3 ran June 2010 - Tonight

and apparently we now wait until NEXT JUNE 2011 for Season 4?!?!?!

This is not acceptable!!!!!

But instead of rant about the wait, which I will do plenty in weeks and months to come...

Let's talk about tonight's episode.. DO NOT READ if you HAVE NOT SEEN


Alcide is yummilicious, I saw him on the VMAs and then on True Blood and it wasn't enough... he tweeted a lot and I RT'd some on twitter... that Joe is one sexy man... apparently we will see more of him in S4 YAY! i WILL BLOG MORE ABOUT HIM IN UPCOMING WEEKS

Sookie finally grew some balls and was tough and even malicious *giggles* in this episode. Taking back her invitation to vampires to enter her house, smirking as she poured Talbot down the drain, fake bargaining with Russell then spraying him with liquid silver, telling both of her vamp men off, it was just nice to see her toughen up for once.

Eric, oh Eric, so glad Sookie saved him, grossed out by the charred Russell this season has successfully made me groan in thrilling disgust a few times - from backwards head sex, Tara and Franklin sex, Franklin brain bashing, Talbot in a jar, and much more (another post for upcoming reading...)

I love Pam - still

Hoyt's intervention cracked me up

Crystal leaving was bizarre, Jason taking care of the inbred were-panthers will be interesting..

Am I the only one that kind of hopes Tara leaves and doesn't come back.. I mean I like her new hair but she drives me bonkers, I don't like her one bit, she is annoying

Arlene wasn't too present

Sam is less crazy but still off... I don't think his brother is dead

I was pissed when Bill put Eric in cement but so happy he got out and told Sookie the truth


I knew he HAD to be in this episode because Allan Hyde tweeted he would be...

I hate that the books and television show are so different but it's good too I guess

The Fairies came - to get her. now what?

If Andy doesn't get his damn wrist cast off by next season I will flip out ha ha

I laughed at "Uncle Daddy Calvin" bahahahaha

I love Jesus, I want to know more about his witchery and wtf is up with Lafayette's visions, I thought it was from the V-blood but there is something more going on for sure.

That's all for now - but expect more TB blogs coming soon I will be craving the show so bad I am bound to do random posts on cast and past seasons :)

What did you like most about the finale?

the season?

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