Thursday, May 20, 2010

More casting details for True Blood Season 3

More Deets on True Blood Season 3 casting...


Gregory Sporleder – Calvin Norris, leader of Hotshot, were

Gregory has appeared in a variety of movies and television roles since his on-screen debut in 1989, including roles in the movies Say Anything, A League of Their Own, Twister, Black Hawk Down, and the recent release The Crazies. You may also recognize him from his guest star stints on Smallville, 24, Carnivale, The Mentalist, and a host of other programs.

On True Blood Gregory will play Calvin Norris, the leader of a community of weres that we’ll encounter in season 3.

Lauren Bowles – Holly Cleary, waitress at Merlotte’s, human

True Blood season 3 just gained another waitress: Ausiello scoops that Lauren Bowles has been cast in the recurring role of Holly Cleary. This single mom takes a job as a waitress at Merlotte’s where she freaks out Arlene with her “oddly prescient observations”. She will arrive midway through season 3 and is likely to return in season 4.

Bowles has been a guest star on a lot of shows, including opposite her half-sister Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine, on a favorite of ours, Veronica Mars, and more recently, on Lie To Me which also had Michael Raymond-James as a guest this season.

Vincent Ward – Hollis, owner of were bar, were?

True Blood is getting a new barkeeper in season 3. No, Sam Merlotte isn’t out of a job, but we will meet Hollis, owner of a werewolf bar in Shreveport. On the Red Carpet reports that Vincent Ward has landed the role, and although the casting call stated that he was a bouncer at the bar, Vincent reveals that Hollis is in fact the owner. The casting call gave a few more details about him, saying that he’s a nice guy who knows Alcide well (though he’s suspicious of Alcide’s guest, Sookie). When Alcide is getting the crap beaten out of him, Hollis jumps to his defense. He also delivers some bad news to Alcide about his fiancee, Debbie Pelt.

Vincent Ward (sometimes credited as Vincent M. Ward) has appeared on Everybody Hates Chris, The Starter Wife, and a variety of other shows.

Lara Pulver – Claudine, Sookie’s protector, fairy

True Blood is introducing the fairies this season with one of our all-time favorite characters, Claudine. We’ve been speculating on who should get the role, and now Ausiello tells us who snagged it: British actress Lara Pulver. You may recognize her from the last season of the BBC’s Robin Hood; she played Guy of Gisborne’s scheming sister, Isabella. On True Blood, she’ll be Sookie’s fairy godmother, appearing midway through season 3 and setting up a much-anticipated storyline for season 4.

Are you as excited as we are? It’s Claudine, people!

Michael Steger – Tony, prostitute, human

True Blood just got a little hotter. Ausiello is reporting that Michael Steger (90210) has been cast as Tony, the Talbot lookalike/gay prostitute Russell picks up (maybe after he finds out about this?). Steger is only slated to appear in one episode this season, but there’s a possibility he’ll recur in season 4.

What do you think, does he look like Theo Alexander? I certainly see a resemblance.


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