Thursday, February 24, 2011

Breaking Dawn Filming Report - Day 3 Vancouver

Numerous people have asked me for daily reports on Breaking Dawn filming as I have done in the past with the previous Twilight Saga Movies filmed locally.

I will do my best.

Information [and my free time] is not as readily available as with previous movies, but here is what I do know so far:

-Day One & Two: Alaska Scenes.There was the arrival of Denali Clan Cast and then the shot of Robert Pattinson in snow.

-Day Three: Wolf Scenes.
It was a cold one today and the wolfpack tweeted about their experiences today on set:

That's all I know so far... I will try to post as often as possible as I learn anything new.

Those who are new to my blog - welcome!
Those who are returning - Thank-you!
Most know I don't post set locations while they are filming.

It is not that I disagree with going to live sets [I have been before] it is just that I do not want to post information that sends dozens of fans to a live set because that could cause issues for filming interuption, safety issues (cast and fans) and numerous other problems I won't be a part of causing.

During New Moon, at Bella's house I witnessed a crazy fans behaviour and since then I just don't feel comfortable posting info to LIVE sets - but if there is no current filming at a location, I have no problem sharing details with other fans - if I have details

I will always post information after I learn they wrap a particular scene/set/location - so if you are interested, check back again soon!

Also if you missed it:

-NEW SET - Cottage Photos
-Rob filming yesterday
-Scenes filming in Vancouver
-Jacob Black's House preparations
-Previous Sets being prepped
-Teenaged Renesmee?

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