Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn returns to previous sets

With all the excitement of the Cottage Photos I took Sunday, I have neglected the old, faithful, familiar sets of Twilight's past.

Twilight Saga New Moon and Eclipse both filmed in Vancouver and it seems Breaking Dawn will re-use some of those locations for filming.

Last week we saw Bella Swan's house covered with festive Christmas decorations and this week I re-visted some of these familiar past sets to see if anything was noticably different, indicating a possible return for filming the last two films.

Here are some photos of both the Swan and Black house - looking festive with wreaths on the doors.

A Closer look shows the Christmas Lights, wreath and holly decor.

Looking closer you can see a small wreath on Jacob's Door... though the Canada Flag likely won't stay ;)

With the cast slowly arriving, including some wolves today (and Robsten arriving last night)filming is sure to start soon.

Where will they go?
Here is a list of rumoured scenes to be shot over the next 7 weeks in Vancouver. Of course filming schedules change like the wind... weather, lighting, timing, actors, crew, and numerous other factors can result in changes - but based on the planned scenes to be shot we can assume there will be some use of old sets as well as new sets yet to be discovered.

Where to first?

That I do not know... Here are some guesses based on scenes planned to be shot, gossip amongst fans and knowledge of the local area...

  • Pemberton or Whistler to film the Denali Clan and some "Alaska" shots?

  • Bella Swan's for some Christmas scenes?

  • Jacob's House on the rez for some wolf time? or Future Life with Teenaged Renesmee?

  • The Cottage for sweet loving?

  • New locations waiting to be discovered?

    Time will tell .... Stay Tuned, you know I will be on it and reporting anything I can find out for fans wishing to keep up-to-date on the happenings here in Hollywood North.

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    Does anyone know where they are filming Breaking Dawn tomorrow?