Friday, May 21, 2010

Fans flock to Fillmore

Enough of the damp dark forests of Forks, Oregon.

"Twilight: Eclipse" star Robert Pattinson is now in Fillmore, California, shooting the Depression-era drama "Water for Elephants" with that chin-jutting stubborn little gal, Reese Witherspoon. And there's not a gosh darn werewolf or a vampire for miles and miles.

There are, however, RPatz fans. And more on the way. Since Rob's gonna be filming there for a few week, some fans have reportedly gotten the idea to carpool there in droves to spend the weekend on an RPatz hunt.

Fillmore is a small valley town within an historic Ventura County with "turn of the century" downtown architecture, a one-screen theater, a historic train depot (the Fillmore and Western Railway), an historic city hall, and many unique shops and businesses, including a local winery.

Because of its preserved downtown, Fillmore is a popular filming location. The January 4, 2007 episode of "CSI" entitled "Leaving Las Vegas" featured old-town Fillmore as the fictional town of "Larkston, Nevada". Parts of the TV series "Jericho" and "Big Love" are also filmed there.

In "Elephants" Rob plays Jacob Jankowski, a boy who drops out of school, and runs away to join the circus, which was the preferred way to get away from home in those days.

Reese plays Marlena, a horse trainer married to the lead animal trainer, who gets close to Jacob causing her husband to get jealous.

Will Reese and Rob will have intense chemistry, like he and Kristen Stewart do? And can Reese pull off a '40s era character or will she forever have perky SoCal "Legally Blonde" persona? What do you think?

[Source Via Twilightish]

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