Monday, August 2, 2010

New Exclusive Photos from Water for Elephants Filming

I hate the word "exclusive" but it's the only way to indicate these are NEW photos sent to me from a friend and not some random fan that I don't know that sent them to all the blogs....

My friend Carmen lives near filming and spent the past few days near set. She had a great time and some pretty unique experiences.

She went to a few sets and was the only fan at some locations - so those photos are included in this post with some commentary from her.

These are from the "walking scene" she was the only fan on that set and she did not want to bug a clearly tired Rob because she didn't want her friend to get in trouble for letting her so close to the set, nor did she want to be asked to leave.

She snapped photos of him in the van and stayed quiet so she would be allowed to stay and watch. Lucky (and smart) gal.

Here he is.... looking exhausted - I can't even imagine filming those long hours in over 100 degrees yuck! Hope that van has a/c!

Here are some more photos of the set.....



The other pics he is going from trailer to set in black tahoe, they were filming in road getting the sun rising.

I love this shot:

Love it:

These are some pics of the house.

The dark one with the person walking in the trailer is Rob in a hoodie @ 5:20 am Friday morning....

Thanks so much to Carmen aka @ocd2009 for the pics and stories.

***Please credit and @ocd2009 if you wish to use any photos for your blog or website***

**Edit - To all the vocal "anonymous" commenters - no one can know what Rob was thinking - maybe he was hot, tired, mad, preparing for a scene, who knows!!

Personally, I don't know, I'd guess tired and hot - it was over 100 degrees and he worked a very very long couple of days according to fans nearby.

I don't understand why haters come out and say things "anonymously"

My friend had a great experience, one many would love to have had themselves... Why do people assume he was mad at her, the one fan allowed on set... as if!

Maybe he just had to drive through the dozens of fans up the street? Maybe he was running lines? Maybe he was, as I suspect tired and hot.... who knows! I just hate that anonymous people want to try and make my friend feel bad for whatever reason...

I am thankful she shared her photos with me so I could share them with fans.


♪ Yaelfica ♪ said...

oh wow great pics! tks!!!

Bella said...

thanks for sharing your great pictures!

ankfa said...

love them!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah he does look tired,tired of being stalked.

caninecologne said...

The pix of the set are great! Your friend was very lucky to be there! Thanks for sharing them and give her my thanks as well.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen Rob look so angry! He looks like he could cut a bitch! I would be so embarrassed if I had taken these pics!

Alexia P. said...

I am sure he was tired, hot and you name it; he´s been on the set from so early in the morning, and who knows what sad scene (the burial of both his parents for example) he was getting ready to film. He is usually very friendly, (as I have seen), so I am sure he was just a little overwhelmed for ohhh, so many things happening around him. Alexandria

Ami said...

what a great pics!! thanks for sharing! Your friend Carmen was very lucky for being there.
I dont think Rob was mad at her! There are so many people at set, I dont think he did notice the only fan allowed on it. didnt he? come on!