Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Filming of Breaking Dawn continues

After filming Monday at the Orpheum Theatre, Rob and Kristen headed up to Squamish immediately where they will be for the next couple weeks filming scenes at the Cullen House and surrounding areas.

Judging by some tweets from other cast, the entire Cullen Clan is headed up there if they are not already.

Side Fact - One of Daniel Cudmore's first jobs was as a "petroleum technician" aka gas attendant at the Shell in Squamish.

Locals in Squamish spotted Rob & Kristen last night at a movie (Tuesday is cheap night at most theatres ha ha - cute)


Darcy said...

I wish I would of known this sooner!! LOL Drove in from Kamloops to see some action only to be told by paps they where in Squamish already!! Dammit!! Plan on hitting Vancouver again the 1st weekend of April...any tips you can share?

Darcy said...

I thought they where shooting the Cullen's house in Vancouver since there is already a "location" given?