Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rob & Kristen go see Red Riding Hood - March 15

It's nice that the two went to see Catherine's new movie Red Riding Hood... I'd love to be sitting behind them to hear their thoughts "This reminds me of Twilight" or "Ya making out with Shiloh wasn't as good as making out with you" or maybe even "this is so Catherine"

Here are some fan pics:

More tweets from ambernkay/pic source "They were definitely alone watching the movie. yeah they were watching red riding hood. they were alone, he was nice. she was just awkward. didn't really wanna take photos. Nope, she had nothing on at all (if she was wearing a splint). was giving us hugs and saying hi. smiling and stuff. not in that way(not in a bad way). she was awkward because she was waiting in the rain for her car to get there. she is nice, they both were."

What this also tells us is that they are in Squamish filming which means they are shooting the Cullen House scenes as the Cullen House was rebuilt in Squamish for filming Breaking Dawn.

They are sure getting through everything quickly, even with the numerous schedule changes!

[Via Twifans]

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