Wednesday, March 16, 2011

K11 in Production

I remember months ago there were rumours of this film being done with Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed. Since then, Nikki Reed has stated she is no longer attached to the project, but seeing who is involved with the film, I am hopeful that Kristen may still do the part.

Thanks to @Larry411 for tweeting info regarding K11.

Production Update On 'K-11' By @Larry411

UPDATED production info on K-11:
“K-11” Feature Film


STATUS: July 2011

LOCATION: Los Angeles

PRODUCER: Michele Berk - Tom Wright Jr.


WRITER: Jared Kurt - Jules Mann-Stewart


About one of Hollywood’s music magnates ending up in the K-11 unit of LA’s male prison. K-11 is a unit sanctioned for gay men and transgendered who wouldn’t be able to survive in normal lock-up. He is inducted into this strange family unit that’s full of love, but tainted with rape, drug trafficking,
and abuse. Birdy, a 19-year-old sweet, red-headed girl (naturally a boy) who befriends the new member and takes care of him. She is flighty like her name, but very damaged. She is raped by a convicted child molester named Detroit who likes Birdy because she is little and young, and to retaliate against the abuse she murders him! In the end the K11 unit works together to overthrow the guard who sexually and verbally abuses them. (KristenStewart mentioned for the role of Birdy/Butterfly.)

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