Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Hunger Games Filming begins in Hidebran NC, then Shelby NC

It all started yesterday in Hidebran, NC, where the Henry River Mill Village has been transformed into parts of The Seam, including the Mellark’s bakery.

The Hickory Daily reports:

Dingy clothes hang on a clothesline of an empty home. Windows of the houses along the road are boarded up with plywood. What appears to be an animal pen has been built against the side of one of the houses that fronts the road, and what looks like a rabbit hutch sits around back. Rusted farm equipment also is scattered around the property. … And it appears the old mill store is being transformed to become the site of the bakery for a film version of the book.

The Chief of the local Fire/Rescue tells the Hickory Daily that filming at the site is supposed to start today and finish Wednesday.

Johannafan reports:
Filming has begun in Hildebran/Henry River. Shuttle vans flying back and forth between a make shift parking lot for extras and the site. Security is very tight now. Rumors abound of people getting cease and desist letters from Lionsgate over pics being posted on the internet. I’m waiting on mine, but haven’t gotten one yet …Guess us hillbillies have gone a little crazy once the cameras started rolling.

You can see how it’s been reported at WSOCTV.com

Filming is due to start later this week in Shelby NC where photos and videos of set preparations have surfaced. The P&M Warehouse, now has a sign on it, saying District 12 and other areas surrounding it have been dressed for filming.

See more photos here.


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