Monday, May 23, 2011

Video - Hunger Games Set prepared in Shelby NC

WCNC had a great storya nd video about the sets for Hunger Games in Shelby NC.

"Yeah, it's huge. It's huge," said self-proclaimed movie buff Noel Manning. "I think the fact that you've got a movie based on the book with such an incredible following is one thing. Any town that lands the opportunity to have part of the film shot in that location is pretty amazing."

Manning hosts a radio show about the movies at Gardener-Webb University where he works and says it's clear from the set that Shelby will play a big role in the movie.

We found "District 12" -- the main character's hometown -- being prepped for shooting.

"That's where the 'Hunger Games' begin. That's where the activity begins so when you see behind us something that says District 12, you realize, wow, OK, this is a major part of the film right here in Shelby," Manning said.

Brian Vaughn admits to being a movie geek and happens to work in a locksmith shop just across the street from the warehouses, serving as the "Hunger Games" set.

"I know it's a big following like 'Twilight.' People coming around here wanting to know favorite characters, who is playing them, stuff like that," Vaughn said.

Vaughn himself is hoping to see one of the lead actors -- one of his favorites.

"If I get to see Woody Harrelson, I definitely have to go get an autograph," he said.

Manning expects the town may soon swell with fans.


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