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Fan Story - Water For Elephants Premiere in Berlin

My friend Barabara sent me this a few weeks ago, and I have been so busy I forgot to post it. My apologies, as it is a great story and some great photos from the Water for Elephants Premiere in Berlin.

Rob signs fan autogrpahs
Setting up the night before

Read her fantastic story by clicking the link....


I went with a friend of mine to Berlin the day before the premiere of „Water for Elephants“. We headed straight to the Sony Center and saw that the preparations had already begun. The sponsor wall was there and the red carpet but no fences. We had a pizza there and watched for a while. The first fans prepared for the night to stay there. We drove home to the familiy of my friend. They were so kind to invite us at their place. Thanks!

Next morning we arrived at half past nine at the Sony Center. There was a little crowd at two places, let’s say north of the carpet (I don’t know whether this is correct, but we will need the position). No need to hurry. We decided to place ourselfs near the cinema after the sponsor wall south of the carpet. But they began to build a fence there for the press area. So we moved a litle bit further to the entrance of the cinma. An hour later they started to shut the whole side south of the carpet in front of the cinema for VIPs. Of course now the north side of the carpet was crowded. It was about 10 rows. No chance there!
So we went to the other side of the sponsor wall, again south of the carpet. On the north side was only a short space directly on the carpet with many folks. There was the driveway for the cars aswell. The south side was devided into two areas by another drive way. So we stood firstly near the sponsor wall directly at one of the drive ways. We made nice contacts and watched the elephant to be brought in.
Then we figured out that we stood on the way out, not in. So we moved on the other side of the way out opposit of the crowded north of the carpet with a good sight on the carpet and the sponsor wall. Later we had to move a little bit further again and were then in a small official fan area. Woohoo!

We spent the afternoon with nice chats. At 6 p.m. started the radio show. The hosts heated up the fans by giving away tickets for the premiere screening. This made everybody greedy and was not to my liking. The stars arrived over an hour later.

First was Francis Lawrence. The incoming cars stopped nearly in front of us. Lawrence had a lot of fun. He started with the autographs at our side. He was very gentle and asked me if I wanted my book signed on the cover or inside. I wanted it on the cover and so he did. He made his round and was enjoying himself a lot.

Next came Christoph Walz. He started on the north side. When he came to us he only gave about every 10th the honor of an autograph and I was not with them. The girls to our right asked for a picture what he refused. Mr. Waltz is not everybody’s darling.

Then came Rob and the Sony Center was exploding! He left the car and was already on his way to the north side giving a short wave in our direction. But then, he was turned around, guided round the car and started to sign on our side about 5 meters to the left! But I didn’t see anything because of all the books, magazines and cameras that were held up for Rob. He came along very slowly because he signed every single item and made photos with everybody, who wanted one.

Then Lawrence came back with a little camera in his hand. Obviously he wanted to document the crazyness for Rob. He wanted us to wave and shout. Of course we did and he took photos or a video. This man was having fun a lot! I took a photo from him too!

When Rob came nearer I managed to take a photos from him two steps to my left. And then he was there! Right in front of me. And suddenly I nearly didn’t see anything because of about 100 arms that came from behind me holding stuff to sign and cameras to take photos. I struggeld for sight an position and managed to give him my book and asked him in english to please sign. Perhaps because of that he looked up: straight into my eyes! An arm length away from me. OMG! He smiled and signed my book on the cover as well. Suddenly I was very busy not to pass out! But it was so crowded now that it would have been impossible to fall down. I was barely standing on my toes because of all the pushing.
Rob is really someone to look at. And he ist tall and well built. Not to speak about his face and eyes and hair. But I was most impressed by his personality. Rob has an adorable aura that can fill empty halls. You could feel this. He looked not 100% at ease. You could see that this situation in general is no favorite of his. I could watch him sigh once when he was a bit further to my right. But he gave his best. I think everybody in our row got his autograph or photo. The girls to our right made photos with him. So we could enjoy his presence a little longer. Then Rob went to the sponsor wall for the press. We could see him there but it was far away and very crowded. And that was it with autographs from Rob for normal fans. He could not go to the north side or the other side from the drive out where we stood in the morning. And from what we learned, after the press he just gave some autographs to the winners of a magazine in front of the cinema (the VIP area where we stood first) and was quickly directed in. He wanted to come back for the fans on the other side of the carpet in front of the cinema but wasn’t allowed to, somebody told us.
Rob waved from the balcony of the cinema before the beginning of the screening. At about 9 p.m. he left for the after party, what we watched from a distance.
My friend and I sat down again at the Pizzaria and watched them tearing everything down. We kept telling each others that this was true. She got her autograph too. We have been so lucky! Afer a long day in the right place just by chance! This was the jackpot! I will never forget!
It was absolutely crazy coming from Munich and near Frankfurt to Berlin to experience this premiere. We did not care to ask for more than beeing part of this and maybe see the stars (what not everybody did from the 1000 fans who were there) and feel the athmosphere of such an event. And we have been rewarded so much. THANKS!

Thanks to Barbara for sharing her story and photos!

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