Monday, June 6, 2011

MTV Movie Awards

It was another great year for the MMAs. It often felt like the Robert Pattinson Awards, but I am certain there aren't too many complaints about that one.

Some fave moments:

-Intro featuring Taylor Lautner "Missing" This incorporated current events, top movies, upcoming movies, and celebrity gossip all into one funny skit.

-Rob wins Best Male performance. He cracks jokes that Zac Efron cried and he thought he would win. Short and Sweet... the least awkward of all his appearences of the night ha ha!

-Kristen wins Best Female Performance. For once she is less awkward than Rob at an awards show. She looks good, she is still her usual nervous self but sweet and endearing. She thanks the other ladies in the category and says Twilight fans are amazing, poking fun at how cliche it sounds to say it.

-Best Kiss Award. Kristen was nominated twice. Once with Taylor Lautner and once with Robertand atinson. Of course she and Rob won and after multiple wins in this category, each time avoiding the fans desire for a re-enactment of a kiss... I really believed they would FINALLY do it... but instead, something better happened... Rob ran out and kissed Taylor Lautner... it was a hilarious make-out session... then, after returning to the stage, there was a play fight for the award and Rob said "I'm going to take you backstage" which was hilarious and cute. Later beackstage photos were seen of them holding hands... adorable non?

-Best Fight Award. Robert Pattinson vs Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard. To be honest, I knew they would win. Not only because they were THERE but it really is the "Twilight" Awards. Xavier delivered a good thank-you, ROb kind of stumbled saying Xavier had pretty much covered it, Bryce apologized for trying to hurt Rob and he, in classic Rob form, said "It's ok I ripped your head off... and now you're pregnant" - - - awkward silence - - - wait what? Cameras show Kristen covering her face with a WTF - - - epic! I want a t-shirt that says "I ripped your head off and now you're pregnant" ha ha

-Rob, Kristen and Taylor present the Breaking Dawn trailer. Bloggers are now "allowed" to share online ;)

-Generation Award to Reese Witherspoon. Patrick Dempsey and his hair say some nice words to Reese, then there is an awkward, mix-up when it is ROb's turn to speak... the teleprompter says he is to Ad Lib... um, who decided that? Do they KNOW Rob? He pulls out his piece of paper, Patrick cracks a joke about where he is staying, Chelsea admits "this is the worst" Rob begins... a general "boring" intro, then some michmash of random things that one can only hope are inside jokes of some sort... cut from Vanity Fair, WFE, mom to lover, the "beep" is too late in blocking him dropping the f-bomb, something abour girdles, tequila, and 33% lesbianism - - ha ha the whole thing is a hilarious, but endearing, train wreck!

Rob presenting Reese her Award by myrobaddiction

-Best MOVIE goes to Eclipse. The entire cast (no joke everyone was freaking there, yet David Slade was not invited... strange non? At least Xavier Samuel thanked him during Best Fight win!) Nikki Reed was sporting some bling on her finger (engaged!) and there were so many people up there it was ridick... Taytay did the acceptance speech on behalf of the cast.

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