Monday, June 6, 2011

Twilight Examiner looks closer at the Breaking Dawn Trailer

Since the Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer came out Sunday, fans have been watching, re watching and analysing it's every frame... So much excitement and favourite moments!!

We should remember this is still considered a "teaser trailer" and not the first trailer - technically... we have a few months for THAT!

Till then we can rewatch, over and over and explore every detail....

Twilight Examiner writes:

Aro’s Announcement:
It’s fairly hilarious that the Volturi receive not an invitation but an announcement of Bella and Edward’s wedding. It’s also addressed to “Resident” rather than to Aro himself. Aro’s smile upon receipt says it all: he understands that the transmission method is not accidental. This really sets the stage, early on, for the overarching conflict that exists in the story of Breaking Dawn. Bella and Edward are not cowering to the demands set by the Volturi, at least not right away, so a game has been put into motion. Bringing the story of Breaking Dawn to life on-screen promises the opportunity to see some of the Volturi’s behind-the-scenes motives – this being the start of one of them . . .

Mixed invitation reactions: In the trailer, we see several characters react to their wedding invitations: Charlie, Renee, and Jacob. Two of those people are clearly unhappy about the news, but one seems utterly delighted. Charlie wears and pensive and worried expression as he reads his, but Jacob takes his dismay a step further by throwing his to the rainy ground and taking off in wolf form (abandoning his pack, presumably?). Renee, meanwhile, prances around with hers in-hand. This is a great introduction to what we will see from these characters in Part 1. Having their reactions tie in together in this way for the trailer was clever and quite resourceful, really.

The wedding: We already know through the first glimpse we saw of Bella and Edward’s wedding indicated a few choice cameos by Stephenie Meyer, Wyck Godfrey, and Melissa Rosenberg. Also, thanks to the sneak peek we saw last week, we know that Edward’s tux is suitably old-fashioned and that Carlisle and Esme are the ones who stand next to him at the altar. What the full trailer reveals, however, is Bella’s face. So, so lovely, right? We still haven’t been shown the full dress just yet, but having seen this, we can certainly know she will be beautiful.

Headboard!: This one really needs no explanation. Wasn’t this moment fantastic?

Edward versus Jake: Note the blood on Edward’s lips as he slams Jacob into the wall. One can guess what has just been done by both to cause the fight, right? This scene is going to be epic.
Pregnant Bella: Edward’s expression in this moment is priceless. The menace in his eyes is undeniable.

Dialogue: We get two precious pieces of dialogue in the trailer. What do you think of the lines?

Edward: “No measure of time with you would be long enough, but we’ll start with forever.”

Bella: “It’s impossible.”

Tagline: Finally, we see that tagline you all loved so much ("Forever is only the beginning") interspersed with the trailer footage. As good as it was standing alone, it seems even better cut between the moments presented in the video.


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