Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

I finally saw Crazy, Stupid, Love..........

Easy review is:

-Needs more Ryan Gosling
-Needs more Emma Stone
-I predicted the twist
-Funny overall
-Steve Carrall can be cute
-Julianne Moore is still hot
-The kid is awesome

Want more? Spoilers coming.... More...

So I predicted the twist, which is that Emma Stone is Julianne Moore and Steve Carrall's daughter. I guessed because the women are both pale red heads who are hot!

I did not predict that Marisa Tomei's character was the teacher, that was a hilarious twist.

I thought the kid was amazing. He was a great actor and fully pulled the movie along in all the right moments.

The babysitter was a whore ha ha

The story is this, for those who are under a rock...

Wife and Husband divorce, wife slept with co-worker, husband is depressed, husband meets stud, stud helps husband get girls, babysitter crushes on husband, kid crushes on babysitter, older daughter has random subplot of becoming a lawyer with a loser boyfriend and getting hit on by stud, loser boyfriend acts like more of a loser so she leaves him for stud, stud falls in love with her and goes to meet her parents which are... husband and wife. Meanwhile babysitters parents discover her nude photos for husband, husband is trying to fix relationship with wife and wife's co-worker whos he slept with shows up - - - all in the same yard, boys wrestling fight begins, cops come, funny moment.

In the end the kid's hopeless romantic side brings everyone back together and they all live happily ever after - the end

make sense?

go see it - Ryan is hot!

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