Thursday, September 1, 2011

Abduction Poster Contest

I decided to do another contest for the Taylor Lautner fans out there.

If you would like to win the full sized Abduction Movie Poster there are two ways to enter:

1 - Follow my Blog (Just click follow over on the right side panel) AND leave a comment below saying what you love most about Taylor Lautner or what you are most looking forward to in this movie.

2 - Follow me on twitter: @mandysmind AND tweet:
I entered to win #abduction poster from @mandysmind

I have 2 posters to give away so I will pick one winner on TWITTER and one from my BLOG. You can enter both, but only win once - deal?

I will ship internationally!

Here is what the posters looks like:

What are you waiting for? ENTER!!

I will choose winners Sept. 10th, 2011 (@ 2pm PST) so I can ship them out before the movie comes out.

I have to give MAD props to @Lorabell for bringing them back from SDCC for me! Thank-you! Also see her blog TwiCrackAddict


Chilbunch said...

I am looking forward to seeing Taylor get the props he deserves in the movie :)

Dangrdafne said...

I am looking forward to Taylor getting to use all his athletic skills live in an action movie. I think he is an extremely well spoken person and I look forward to watching him continue in his career.

kathryn311 said...

sounds saccharine but i just think he's grown into a fine understated young man......rare in those hollywood hills! =)

CherylSab said...

I want to see Taylor use his mad action skills in a movie other than SharkBoy & LavaGirl. *giggles* He was so cute in that but I'm ready to see him do a big boy role!!

dontforg3t said...

I'm ready to see Taylor kick some serious butt in this movie.

I'm glad he has finally done a film where he is the main character. This movie will give Taylor a chance to showcase his broad range of acting skills.

He seems like such a nice, genuine guy, hard working guy, he deserves all of his success.

Maraina said...

Taylor is one well adjusted child actor who is growing up to be one FINE man. When other kids go astray by acting wild, doing drugs, getting drunk, partying etc. when they get a taste of fame; Taylor isn't. Kudos to his parents who brought him up well. He continues to remain level headed and seemingly wise in dealing with the trapings of fame. Which is why he is so likeable... no I mean LOVABLE. He has a dream and is working his way to fulfilling them. He is very focused and maintains a healthy sense of humor. I am glad also that he chooses his friends well and have not been associated with those that have a reputation as bad influence.
I so look forward to watching him go beyond the Twilight type movies. And Abduction will do that. :)

Julie said...

What I like the most about Taylor is that he seems so down to earth. He seems like such a nice and honest person, that will always take the best possible choice. Fame hasnt just come to him, he have been working hard for most of his life, and this is truly inspiring. Taylor deserves all the happiness and success in the world. I think he is a very good friend, and it would be awesome to meet him sometime before I die. That is truly my dream.

I´m really looking forward to Abduction. The love in the movie is probably what I´m looking most forward to, but also the fight scenes. Taylor is so skilled, and I think its nice that he gets to show it off. GO TAYLOR!

Diana said...

What I love most about Taylor Lautner, I think he has the most beautiful smile.
I can't wait to see the movie.
Thank you for the great giveaway!

miss tejota said...

The thing I love most about Taylor is his teeth, his smile is crazy and those teeth are super white. You asked, I answered. HA!

renezzmeekarlie said...

I am most excited to see Taylor headline his own movie. With his amazing acting skills, martial arts training allowing him to do his own amazing stunts,,,simply can't wait to see him sliding down the glass thats breaking as he slides. I will be in line opening day for sure.

Ashley S said...

Im excited to see taylor in another movie than being in twilight. I love twilight but its good to see him in another movie. He is soo cool.

Gianna Swann said...

I really want to see Taylor Lautner star on a movie, he deserves it. =)

Barb said...

Taylor is good looking and nice smile. Yes teeth also

Shannon said...

I am most looking forward to seeing Taylor use his athletic skills and shine on his own, not under the shadow of Rob and Kristen in Twilight. I think he is amazing and talented and finally we will see him show that off.