Monday, August 29, 2011

My Review on One Day

Let me start by saying, for once, I did not read the novel first.

I wish I had.

My preception of what this story was about - were all wrong, or perhaps the movie got the novel all wrong? But either way, I am not a huge fan of this movie and I will tell you why... but in doing so there may be spoilers so read on only if you are ok with spoilers.... You have been warned.


So, the movie jumps to July 15 every year over the course of several years to show the relationship between Emma and Dex (Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess)

I liked the actors and characters. I thought Anne's accent was fine, and the friend I was with is FROM London and made no comments on it, though I didn't ask her either.

The idea is good, and I hope to read the novel as I hear it portrays the story much better.... but the two meet at the end of university and almost hook-up.... but become life-long friends anyways.

We jump through the years, via text on the screen informing us of the year, and learn of how they have grown, changed, and so on. Emma has some odd jobs and struggles to discover who she wants to be, eventually becoming a teacher and children's writer. Dex does some cheap tv party show (think MTV TRL or worse) and then gets lost in drugs and alcohol. Both go through moments of wanting each other, then not, as well as entertaining other relationships, all which are unsuccessful to varying degrees.

They share some special moments and are clearly connected and destined to be together, despite the twists and turns life throws at them.

Here is the big spoiler....

They finally get together, and are happy... except can't seem to have a baby..... then she goes swimming and while riding her bike home


Gets killed.

So here I am in the theatre, waiting for a make-up session and discovery they CAN have babies or adopt but instead I get her dying!


But it doesn't end!

Dex goes on to fight and ruin his life further and it all ends unresolved.

There is a flashback to what we missed in the early years, which makes me sadder.

I hate this movie.

I am still bawling as the credits role and I have no clue what to make of this whole thing.

I wish I read the book first.

I wish I knew what to expect.

Maybe, though not likely because I heard it's a poor adaptation of the novel, I may have enjoyed it more.... meh!

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