Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ANTM Season 17 Premiere - ALL STARS

All Stars - - - we use that time loosely, kind of like Dancing with the "Stars" ha ha. It was nice to see some familiar faces, a blast from the past, but some, I know were just cast for drama. As always. Tyra, Tyra, Tyra.... We welcome the returning models and they immediately do a "larger than life" photoshoot where they portray their "persona" extreme. Celeste Canino photographs the ladies. Later they had Live Panel at Staples Centre with Niki Minaj, Nigel Barker (with hair - hot!), Andre Leon Talley, and Tyra. Here were the results: Bianca (9)- Loud and Sassy another strong personality. At panel her photo was called "vintage" which some liked and some did not. Allison (12) - Quirky Doll Love her giant puppy dog eyes. At panel she looked adorable in a bo-peep dress. Bre (5) - Ghetto Fabulous Meh. I don't really remember her to be honest. At panel her photo was called "cliche" by Andrea, while NIki critiques her short hair. Dominique (10)- Masculine/Feminine Looks great! Her jaw/bone structure is amazing and she just had a baby girl 2 months ago. Camille (2) - Diva Still annoying, can't wait for her and Angelina to go at it! At panel she owned it with her "signature walk" and her photo had a "softer" side with alllll legs. Kayla (15) - Proud Lesbian Awesome in a rainbow dress. At panel she called herself a "super gay" She was critiques for the fist she made in the photo. Brittany (4)- Party Girl Grown up a lot, I loved her then and now! At Panel she came out wild! Laura (?) - Country Cutie Still cute. At panel she talked about Wanda Sue, her Grandma who makes her outfits. Her photo had her "fishing" and was country - cute indeed. Alexandria (16) - Tough California Girl From last season. Annoying. At panel someone yelled and boo'd her. Fans called her names and swore at her, maybe it was too soon. Her photo didn't go over well either. Isis (11) - Confidence She has gone through full surgery and is now a female all over. At panel she looked amazing and the crowd loved her! Sheena (11) - Harlem but not hoochie Asian represent (Japanese/Korean). I wish there were more Asian contestents on the show. At panel she looked interesting, her photo was called "amature" by Niki. Angeline - Girl from the hood Same drama as always. At panel she was "hood" as always. Lisa (5) - Wild Child Pool jump, for panel she was doing the splits covered in bubbles. Shannon (1) - Angelic Same drama about underwear. She wore tiny bikini bottoms instead of lace booty shorts. Then cried. At panel she was happy fans remembered her after 8 years. Some were upset that the results would not just be based on the judges opinions, but the fans, who were intereviewed after the show by Jay and Jay. In the end it came down to Alexandria and Brittany. It was unfortunate because I loved Brittany and I loved to hate Alexandria so I was kind of bummed that one of them would leave. Alexandria left, despite being booed because she has "polarity" the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. At least she is remembered even if it is negative. Sadly, Brittany was not remembered by fans (which shocks me a bit) so she was sent home. Good-bye Brittany. I am as shocked as she is. This season looks good, lot's of drama and craziness.

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