Friday, September 16, 2011

September Movies

There are a lot of movies out or coming out that I want to see. I have been really lucky lately to not only go to a lot of movies and screenings but also win some passes. SCORE!

First of all Recent Releases I have seen:

The Help

One Day

Crazy Stupid Love


Afraid of the Dark - Was good, not great. The lil critters were scarier than I thought because of how they were built up and used the shadows and darkness.

Dolphin Tale - Which was crowded with screaming kids so we went to Planet of the Apes, which was pretty awesome! I actually enjoyed it more than I thought. To be honest, I had little desire to see it other than it had been filmed (albeit mostly in studio) here in Vancouver. Oh and I love James Franco and like Tom Felton. Oh and baby monkey's are cute.... though after watching this movie I learned how creepy grown apes can be ha ha.

I do still want to see Dolphin Tale - with my daughter...who isn't a screaming brat like most of the kids at that screening I skipped.

Abduction - Which comes out next weekend but I watched last night at the VIP Screening in Seattle.

Upcoming Movies:

This weekend I will see Straw Dogs and Drive. I am so excited to see my boyfriends Ryan Gosling and Alexander Skarsgård this weekend - rawr!

Also next week I have Moneyball and 50/50 screening passes. I didn't even know what the heck Moneyball was and 50/50 I am psyched for because it was filmed here.

Moneyball is about numbers and baseball and money... *shrugs* Brad Pitt makes me willing to see it.

I also want to see some of these movies:

30 minutes or Less - which looks funny but my husband wants to see it also which means we will probably wait for dvd.

Red State - Kevin Smith has talked the shit out of this film and I generally like his stuff, if anything it is an interesting perspective.

Other Upcoming Movies I don't think I will see, but you may enjoy:

Warrior - Apparently there is The Hunger Games teaser before this movie, which would be the only reason I go see it. Just not my cup of tea though seems to remind me of The Fighter?!

I've got your Number - This looks cute and funny. I love Anna Faris, Chris Evans is hot and some of her "ex boyfriends" (Joel McHale, Chris Pratt (Faris’s actual husband), Anthony Mackie, Andy Samberg, Martin Freeman and Zachary Quinto to name a few)

Also in October:

The Ides of March More Ryan Gosling - yes please

FootLoose I am sure it will not be as good as the original but I will check it out


The Big Year Filmed (partially) here so I may check it out.

Fireflies in the Garden Julia Roberts and Ryan Renyolds

Paranormal Activity 3 Looks like it actually has a plot

In Time Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried

What did I miss that you are wanting to see or have seen and enjoyed?

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