Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#bb13 Finale

Adam, Porsche and Rachel remain as the final 3 and tonight the winner was announced! More... Rachel won first round, as we knew from live feeds. Porsche won second round, as we knew from live feeds. Tonight in a live show down Rachel beat Porsche, but ultimately took Porsche with her to the final two. Adam was hilarious with Julie Chen and the jury asked good questions and had a good discussion. In the end Rachel won. Jeff - R Jordan - R Brendon - R Shelly - R Dani - P Adam - P Kalia - P Crazy Eh? Jeff won America's Fave Player - which brings his total to $40k this season. Not bad since POrsche got $50k at 2nd place ha ha ha! What do you think? I am happy with results!

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