Friday, September 16, 2011

Mortal Instruments - Lily Collins talks about Jaime Campbell Bower

“I only read with a couple of guys, and it’s funny because the way Jace was described in the scenes—I knew what Jamie looked like, and I had met him at social events before briefly, but from the second he walked, he carried himself in this way that was just Jace from the get go,” Lily recalled. “He walked in and it was like, okay, he totally has the vibe going on, and he was so nice, and he had totally just flown in from London for it the day before, he could have been extremely tired, but he was there to win us over.” “The second he started playing with the scene with me, everything was just so natural,” Lily continued. “He didn’t even seem like he was trying. He was just Jace. He had the perfect balance of all the different character traits and aspects you’d hope from Jace. There are so many levels to him. He just walked out when he was done, and I looked at everyone and said, ‘Guys, I think this is Jace.’”

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