Monday, November 7, 2011

More from L.A. - Wrapping up Convention, Hollywood and more

Last night was the "Wedding Reception" where Booboo, Charlie, Mia, Christian and Tinsel came to hang out with fans.

Once again Booboo and Tinsel showed their committment to fans staying quite late. Mia disappeared early on again and Christian stayed quite a while chatting with fans.

I had a great conversation with Christian Camargo, I totally love him! We chatted about Whistler, Vancouver, Olympic Village, Dexter.... gah!!! I also got a photo with him - totally amazeballs!

I also chatted with Charlie about Vancouver and skiing. Then this morning was the breakfast, a lot different than usual. Charlie had to catch his flight so he did a quick autograph and no table circulation.

Alex, Christian and Daniel, however, did the rounds at the tables and then autographs.

Daniel was sweet as ever, we chatted about bars in Vancouver and how he was wearing a poppy to represent Canada.

Alex was cute and cocky as always, but super sweet. We talked about Vancouver, in particular Coquitlam where Jacob's house is (for the films) I told him some history on that land/area and he shared some fun filming stories.

Christian bumped his leg on our table when he went to sit down. We had a brief chat, I stayed mostly quiet because I had chatted with him for so long last night, but a friend at the table said to him that I was a huge Dexter fan, and he said he knew and reminded me what he had said the night before... Stay tuned for more ice truck killer on dexter... *squee*

After autograpsh (I got a double of Daniel because one was for my roomie Juaan who sadly had to leave to catch her flight) I met with new roomie Lisa and we took a cab to our new hotel... it sure isn't the Hyatt ha ha  ! Then our other roomie Dez joined and we went to Hollywood for the Marilyn Monroe movie premier red carpet. We missed Emma Watson but saw Michelle Williams (barely)

Right after was the BUTTER premier at the AFI Festival and we saw some more celebs as well as some convention friends. Here are the red carpet photos for Butter featuring Jennifer Garner and Olivia Wilde....

It was awesome because we called for Jenn and she waved to us mid-interview... Olivia Wilde arrived quite late and did the carpet very quickly. Ashley Greene, Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone among other cast were not seen by us. Not sure they attended.

Then we went to eat at Hooters and used our 4square check-in to get free appies - score!

Then we went to the AFI people and won tickets to the advanced screening of Haywire.

I am, as many know, a MASSIVE Channing Tatum fan, sadly he wasn't there because he is filming, but after the awesome movie there was a Q & A hosted my Joel McHale with director Steven Soderbergh, and actors Ewan McGregor, Gina Carano, Michael Fassbender.

How incredible!

We got photos with Gina after (I used to watch her on Gladiators)

After that we tried the Metro and found it super fast to get to our hotel - SCORE!

Now it is ZZzzzzz time as tomorrow is another long day with Jimmy Kimmel to see Taylor Lautner as well as the Immortals Premier (no I amnot doing both, the cloning experiement failed unfortunately)

Wish you were all here - Having a blast!

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