Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Twilight Tuesday in L.A.

Tuesday was yet another busy day. We woke up and I packed up and moved to my new hotel and new roomies. But, I wasn't done with the old roomies yet - we went for a trip to the Grove. Extra was taping Nick Lachey and Kellan Lutz (it should air on Friday) it was pretty cool to see them tape the show right in the middle of the plaza.

Kellan looked amazing and discussed Immortals, Breaking Dawn, the wedding scene, his clothing line, and took some fan questions also - it was pretty aswesome!

Then we went to Cheesecake Factory and had horrible servers. When we complained the server came up to our table to try and question us on why we complained and got really defensive ha ha ity was mildly amusing.

That night we decided to go see New Moon for Twilight tuesday which was awesome because they did a ton of interviews and stuff with the cast before, plus watching with a ton of Twilight Fans who have all seen the movie was hilarious.

Erik Odom and Jack Morrissey joined us at the movie and we had a lot of photos and chatter afterwards.

Then we all went for drinks at the bar near the theatre - it was super awesome to just hang out with all the gals and of course Jack and Erik LOL

Here is our "thug life" photo with Erik....

We didn't thug out with Jack....

I have more photos of everyone on Facebook (Mandy S Mind) if you want to check them out....

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caninecologne said...

haha, Jack is wearing the "Edward" James Olmost Twilight parody shirt! Funny!