Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weak Wednesday in L.A.

This morning I woke up early to tweets, texts and calls about a "premiere line" that had started at LA Live and then moved off property tot he west parking garage.

Upon further investigation there was indeed about 20 people some had camped out.

I went to go check it out and saw security walk up and the girls all hide their faces and face the wall and not look. Rumours that Summit were taking names and photos to black list people had emerged and these ladies were not wanting to take the risk.

Soon after the line dispersed, so that makes 3 lines that I know of that Summit has brokenm up.

I had some coffee from Starnbucks, chatted with friends and then went back up to my room to get ready for X-Factor.

I have to be honest, I have been waiting for X-Factor eagerly this week.... we went to In & Out ( I was an in & out virgin til today - it's true! and I must say it was a glorious cherry popping experience ;) ha ha) then went to line up for x-factor.

I won't draw out this part of my day - we waited for hours and were given theimpressionwe would get in - and then they reached capactiy and were sent home - - - after hours and hours of standing waiting - - - fail!

So we took a public transit BUS back to LA Live to see aprox 100 fans mingling around LA Live plaza in groups of 2-10 each. No one in line, no one rushing any spot, just milling about.

I had this uneasy feeling in my stomache, I was already so pissed about x-factor, I remember my only movie premiere experience was WFE NYC and it was horrible, so I am starting to have severe anxiety over this premiere - once everyone is in or not in and wristbanded or not I think we can all enjoy the experience - but until then everyone is on high alert and I feel this sense of panic and anxiety!

Anyways, I went up to my hotel after chatting with friends - literally so many people I know here - so cool!

I showered, talked to my family, who I miss so much - seriously homesick :( then came down to blog in the lobby where I can get dfree wi-fi

the day is not over, i anticipate a sleepless night as people panic and do false lines and mad rushes to nothing and endure security's endless talks about "how it will be"

I hope that it all works out....

Not many pcis today but I will put them on Facebook - - scroll down for Tuesday's blog that I was late posting....

Stay tuned to twitter for updates on the advenutres in LA and I will try to still blog daily with pics and fun updates

Wish you were all here!! (I know many of you are)


PS - I have some special presents to hand out to tentcity tomorrow night ;) stay tuned!!

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