Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taylor Lautner on Jimmy Kimmel & Immortals Premiere

Today was yet another adventure in L.A.

We slept in and then we went to Hollywood for some lunch and shopping before lining up for Kimmel.

A few were chosen to wear Team Herman and Team Jacob t-shirts, one of our group was included so in the opening you can see me on tv tee hee. (Notin a shirt, but beside them)

Things got all messed up on Kimmel. We started way late and had to endure the opening warm up guy for way too long and see audience memebers attempt crazy tricks to win a t-shirt. I should say after the first so-called-talent I felt I might as well go for it and did a Xena yell/yodel to earn a shirt. There was one gal who could beat-box but the rest of us were talentless.

Some guy actually said he was the best kisser so they made him kiss an elderly lady, then theopener kissed her and she voted on him over this young buck who was too cocky.

Anyhow, eventually we got started, Jimmy Kimmel was noticably irritated and we had to tape out of order because of Herman Cain being so late to arrive (maybe because of his sex scandals)

Anyhow, we taped his interview first, it felt fake and forced but was fresh given that he was accused (again) this morning by WOMEN #4 (who had a name versus anonymous gals #1-3)

ANYHOW after taping him talk about pizza, accusations of sexual harrassment, and politics we taped fake intro's to a band we never actually got to watch (juniper)

then finally Taylor came out and did a short segment which was pretty awesome, he talked about the Grauman's hand print ceremony, the twilight convention and the twi=mom panty story.

See pics here

Then we went out back and got somepics of Taylor before heading to the Immortals Premiere.

Unfortunately because of the delay taping we did not make it for the red carpet or to go inside. We did arrive in time to see some friends, have some dinner and then catch some celebs after the movie.

I have to say I am not a fan of the L.A. autograph hounds... I mean in Vancouver we have a handful and they can be nasty or mean, though mostly to each other, overall they are not bad, some are even super cool.... but these guys tonight - they were cruel. At Kimmel I saw a guy push a kid over to get multiple Taylor autographs, then at the Immortals lot there were a ton of them pushing and shoving. I pushed back of course ;) but I got quite upset at the way things were going on and felt frustrated that the hounds were at front getting most of the pics and graphs while fans were pushed, shoved and tossed aside... ah well, clearly I am not aggressive enough...

Anyways here are some of the photos I did get :)

Mickey Rourke - we saw leave dinner then head to the after party

Daniel Sharman who plays Aries in Immortals

Damien Gillies who plays Elijah on Vampire Diaries, he was there to support Joseph Morgan (who plays Klaus on TVD and Lysander in Immortals)

Dean Cain from Louis & Clark, there to support new Superman Henry Cavill perhaps?

Batista, I loved him when I watched WWE regularily, back in the day, don't judge me

Kellan Lutz who plays Poseidon in Immortals

Stephen Dorff who plays Stavros in Immortals

Catherine Hardwicke who chatted with me for a bit off to the side, she remembered me from Portland Twilgiht Tour.

We saw many more celebs, some I got photos, some I did not - it was pretty insane with the few fans and ton of autograph hounds.

I have more photos up on my Facebook - Mandy S Mind

Tomorrow may be the Grove or Price is Right or Ferguson or sleep all day... ha ha


SpunkyBookworm said...

So glad you're being adventurous. I HATE L.A., but if I ever go again, I'll hop on the plane with you. LOL!

Jaymes805 said...


Sorry, fangirl moment over. I am a HUUUUUGE fan of his. Seriously Team Elijah so hard.

I wish I could have gone to LA this week, you all sound like you've had so much fun. Next year for SURE!

Anonymous said...

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