Sunday, June 2, 2013

Comic-Con is coming... prepare for long lines and camping

It just kicked in... SDCC is approaching and I need to start planning and getting ready... is a great resource for preparing...

I have to admit, I am not good with overnight camping, I have a bad back, really bad knees (last year SDCC nearly killed me, I was in a wheelchair for two days even!! Horrible!) I am more the "hold down the fort during the day" girl if I have buddies to take the night shift... I don't mind staying late, or throughout the day, but overnight, I need a propoer sleep - mybody is getting too old. That being said, there isn't a lot I would camp out for.... anymore ;)

Anyhow - Here is a recent question from the site:
Any line advice! What should we bring if anticipating night-to-day waiting? Can you be comfortable and still save bag space?
Here are some highlights:
  • You should find some way to make your belongings work dual-purpose, so you aren’t bringing too much with you.
  •  Water and food are essential, because there’s hardly anything open that late/early.
  • Bring or make a good, honest buddy in line to watch your things for those unavoidable bathroom breaks.
  • take turns waiting in line and being able to head back to home/hotel to freshen up for the next day and/or sleep in a real bed for a couple hours.

And this was absolutely the best piece of advice and something every group should do...

Set up a schedule in advance if your group is more than 5 or so. Setting up a group/schedule leads to the next very important thing to do, and it’s in 2 parts. Part 1 – Have your entire group, or as many of you as possible, get in line at the start of your line waiting time. Part 2 – When you all get in line and more people get in line behind you, tell them if you will have more people joining you and how many, keep this as small a number as possible. Also tell them you’ll be taking shifts so there will be people coming/going throughout the night. This will help keep tempers from flaring when it looks like people are cutting, get you talking to people who are waiting in line for hours right next to you, and it’s just a nice thing to do.

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