Monday, June 3, 2013

What's Different About Canada - epic tumblr account you need to follow!!

You need to see this tumblr site - epic... I submitted some posts which I hope to see featured soon but all my friends who tease me about my Canadian ways... well, you will love this site as much as I do!!

Tim Hortons (“Timmies”) is the Canadian version of Dunkin Donuts. Its history is so Canadian it’s named after hockey player Tim Horton - the apostrophe was dropped so the name makes more sense in Quebec. They are finally making their way into the states, but have been in US border cities like Rochester for a while. The most common order is a “double double,” that is, a coffee with two milks and two sugars.


When ordering toast at a Canadian restaurant, you will be asked if you want “white or brown toast?” Don’t be alarmed, “brown toast” is actually whole wheat toast.


In the US, “Smarties” is a chalky, tart, stackable candy that comes in little plastic wrappers. (This candy is called “Rockets” north of the border.) In Canada, Smarties are candy-coated chocolates - sort of like unlabeled M&Ms that come in dark blue boxes.

It’s a common trope that Canadians are polite, but the quintessential Canadian experience is when you bump into somebody, it’s clearly your fault, and they apologize to you. It is part of a complex national identity that is sometimes self-deprecating, other times passive-aggressive, and cannot be reconciled with a single word. But in general, Canadians are a polite and apologetic people, and sorry (“SORE-ee”) is the sound of being in Canada.
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Perspective said...

We have smarties here in Australia too. They have always been a favourite of little kids and were here long before M&M's made their arrival on our shores!