Saturday, June 8, 2013


Where should you eat at SDCC?

Last year I just packed great food/snacks, hit a Mexican resturant once or twice, Old Spaghetti once, a pub in the hotel once and Subway a couple times... *shrugs* posted some eat ideas....

Here are a few I'd like to try out:
  • Yard House – In the heart of the Gaslamp
  • Burger Lounge – In the Gaslamp, and open until 3AM Friday and Saturday!
  • Hob Nob – Featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
    • “The Mission and Hob Nob are the kind”, @TaxiDrvr
  • Broken Yolk – One of the more popular diners in the Gaslamp. A short walk from the Convention Center, last year’s spot for The Hub, and featured on Travel Channel’s Man V. Food

  • Some friends will enjoy this though:

    Gluten Free

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    caninecologne said...

    FYI -Here's a link to my friend's post on where to eat for the Con:

    She and her husband are both San Diegan's; he is the creator of webcomic "cool jerk" and she is a foodblogger and author of the comic/cookbook, "The girl with the donut tattoo"

    note- Cremolose is now closed.