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SDCC Packing - what to bring

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After months of scheduling, packing, and anticipating you finally get off the plane in San Diego and think “what now?” Do you rush out to get passes, relax in your hotel room? Eat? And what if you forgot something important? Let’s just relax and start at the beginning.
Other than the basics (clothes, toothbrush, etc) Here are some special SDCC must-haves:

  • Poster Tube – Many free and exclusive posters are given out during the con and unless you plan to purchase a tube there or risk having to fold your new posters, bringing one of these tubes is a must.

    *Mandy's Mind - Last year they gave out these tubes, but it was a massive line and they ran out the first couple times I tried to get them, so this year I plan to bring my own!
  • Deodorant – Sure, the stereotype of every attendee being a stinky mess is over-exaggerated. When you’re packed in a room with thousands of sweaty attendees though, you’re not going to come out smelling like flowers.
  • Good Shoes – Walking from panel to panel, out to get food, and through the exhibit hall can get mighty tiring without proper footwear.

    *MM - Yes, HUGE error for me last year, I had flip flops... only flip flops... with my bad knees and bad back and long lines and camping out.... bad scene. I ended up sore, achey (then some crazy bitch tried to grab an empty seat beside me.. her attempt to jump OVER me ended with her landing ON my knee... and I had to be wheeled around in a wheel chair for two days - epic fail!)
  • Money – Unless you’re super short on cash, there’s probably something that you’ll just have to have. Be prepared for it.
  • Back Up Batteries for Every Gadget You Bring – Heck, even books need batteries these days (Paperbacks? Pshh. Try a nook).
  • Food – Planning to snack on the convention food? Bring some Tums. Or you can just save yourself trouble and money by bringing your own snacks.

    *MM - Last year we had food stocked in our hotel, I lived off of Gatorade and nuts and pringles and dried fruit. Long lines and panels REQUIRE hydration and snacks!!!
  • Headache Medicine – Even without the Twilight panel, Harry Potter fans will get mighty rowdy.

    *MM - ahem!
  • Sun-Screen – If you plan to walk around San Diego or wait in the Hall H line this is essential. People who plan to beat the heat and stay inside can probably skip it though.

    *MM - yes! must have!
  • Suitcase – We just listed a lot of stuff. Plus all the free swag you will probably get. Make it a big suitcase.

    *MM - I always back my luggage inside a larger luggage OR in my suitcase I have an extra empty suitcase or bag, you always go home with A LOT more than you came with!

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