Friday, September 11, 2009

Directors of Twilight Saga

I always have something to say - and when it comes to the Twilight Saga Directors I have very strong opinions.... and you are welcome (of course) to agree or disagree but here are my thoughts....

Twilight - not as large of a budget, threw Catherine Hardwicke in there, she put together a film that would do better than anyone anticipated.... but in the long run - when we buy the box set of all movies at the end - we will all watch and go WTF?!

She was known to be chaotic, ditzy, spontaneous and we have all seen her on tv and red carpet and know she is a tad nuts..... just watch the dvd with commentary on and you can hear how insane filming must've been (ie-weather changed, let's build Bella's room here on the beach... go!)

New Moon - The first trailor was better quality than all of Twilight.... Chris Weitz is known for his CGi and Tranformations, which fit perfectly for the introduction of the wolves.

He is known to be very maticulous, organized, well-thought out and planned. From every interview, photos, tid bit I have read, seen, heard.... I think he is fabulous and will do a fantastic job of New Moon.

I remember in an interview with Chris Weitz during early stages of post-production he talked candidly about what to expect with New Moon.

Eclipse - Filming now, I have noticed how efficient David Slade is. He is often in and out in one day (with the exception of the one secret set on private property and unreachable by "common-folk" and of course studio/sound stage sets)

When he was first announced fans went a bit crazy (much like they do anytime anything major happens with their precious Twilight - and I am not judging, I am right along with them in that category LOL) He promptly apologized for his comments about Twilight and was in fact very kind to us at Blue Water Cafe in May.

He is known for scariery, darker films which I think will fit in nicely with Eclipse and the battles and the back story of Jasper particularily. Even his music video was kind of dark

I can't wait to hear who they choose to direct Breaking Dawn (or both parts of Breaking Dawn, should they go that route) I have a scandalous mind and guessed that Ron Howard would be asked - and that ties into why Bryce Dallas Howard is doing Victoria.... politics.... and just a random guess/thought with NO FACT BASE.... (don't want to start false rumours)

Who would you like to see direct Breaking Dawn?

Anyways - this all came out of a new interview with Chris Weitz posted on Twilight Lexicon for Fan Site Friday today.

Here is only bit but be sure to go read (and listen) to the interview in it's entirity:
Q:What has been your biggest challenge?

Chris It’s a challenge to make a movie anyway, especially one that’s coming out in November. Probably the biggest challenge will be getting it out on time and making sure that every little detail at least in my mind is right. I’m rather obsessive and I tend to be a worry-wart about things. You know going into it that there’s going to be a lot of interest, that people are going to see it. For me that’s not enough, like I really want to deliver on everything that I’ve promised. So that’s the really tough thing, making sure that you don’t just go do your job and go home. Every second is an opportunity either exploited or wasted to get something right basically.

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movie said...

Ron Howard is a great director, however not so sure he would be right for 'Breaking Dawn'. It would be very interesting to see David Lynch, Tim Burton or David Cronenberg (will not happen though). My personal favourite would be Sofia Coppola - her dad directed 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' - and she directed and wrote one of my faves 'Lost in Translation' - would like to see another woman direct. Jodie Foster would also be great. Also wondered what Ang Lee would bring to the story - love his movies, just think a bit of 'Sense & Sensibility' mixed with 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'. Will be interesting to see who they select. I'm sure debates will ensue.

Quilt Nut said...

again, i agree with you. i love how people have been saying that the first NM trailer was better than all of Twilight-and it's true! i loved the movie but it sucked!!! lol!

i also agree with Ron Howard, i think he would direct both is BD is in 2 movies. or, lets go crazy and get them all involved. i obviously need more coffee this morning

movie said...

Ron Howard is a great director but not my first choice for Breaking Dawn. Wish list includes the following (eclectic): Tim Burton (would be awesome), David Lynch (definitely not PG-13) and Sam Raimi (Army of Darkness, Spider-Man-'nuff said). If the franchise moves towards artistes, my vote goes to Ang Lee (Sense & Sensibility meets Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Sofia Coppola (would like another woman to direct, plus her dad directed Bram Stoker's Dracula). More in the realm of reality, perhpas David Slade again? Jason Reitman, not so obvious a choice, it could work. Whomever is selected will do well, no doubt about it.

Brechje said...

I think it is a shame that Hardwicke couldn't do all four movies. I loved the way she did Twilight, the atmosphere was right on. The way it is filmed, the use of colours and the gloominess of the movie was perfect to fit the story. As for New Moon, it is very clear an action-movie director took control. Such a shame, it turned out badly..