Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday Set Report - Better late than never

Because I was at the Sam Bradley Concert I did not go by the set, however, many fans did and I have the full report as well as photos from pre-filming.

Bella's House was wrapped up for a long time and was actually going to be disassembled and stored after New Moon, however, another production used the house and so they left it up for that and then simply wrapped it in a temperature safe ultra thick "tarp" of sorts. For a long time all you could see was the roof and the rest was plastic....beind an alarmed fence with 24 hours security and/or security cameras..... and so when they unwrapped it recently, everyone was excited to see the house and knew it would only be a matter of time before they filmed there.

There were twitter rumours of Thursday filming, then Friday then both.... twitter is such a fast form of spreading news, sadly, it often spreads the wrong "news" and only feeds gossip and incorrect information. Luckily, I always try to verify facts befor eposting or clearly state it is only speculation.

They did in fact end up filming on Friday evening only and fans were there to try and catch glimpses of their fave stars.

Reports from twitter (mostly KNOWN unreliable sources anyways)said people were calling Rob "Edward" and chasing cars - I posted earlier the importance of trying to get along and be nice as fans to other fans.

Another fan on twitter messaged me to say there were drunk people there who were too intoxicated to be out and young fans and that in total under 15 people at anyone time. Again, I wasn't there so these are just the reports I have heard.

I was, however, on set during the set up of Bella's house and here are some photos of the preparations....

Putting Plastic Leaves on the trees outside Bella's House

Preparing Bella's House for filming

Touch-Up Paint

There is a guy in the window....

Such detail is put into each and every set, prop, scene!

A truck of props unloaded in front of our eyes - some very interesting things.

Lawn mowing, prop placing, so many hours of preparation for far les shours of filming and only a few scenes in a movie!

A look inside the side door shows fishing rods, jackets, and workboots

This photo is one of my favourite. Looks at some of the props... a rocking horse, children's furniture....

What do you think these props are for? I feel like they are either #1 - Flashbacks to Bella's Childhood or #2 - dreams Bella has involving her as a vampire and not having kids (perhaps foreshadowing Breaking Dawn plot?)

Of course... these are only my guesses....

Let's take a closer look....

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