Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reese & Robert sitting in a tree....

Yes Rob & Reese worked together briefly before (Vanity Fair, See Rob's scene, which never made it into the final cut of the movie, below)

...and yes, they are working together now and probably get a long - - - this doesn't mean they are banging - - how many times must we go through this people?

He is hot.... if you met him you would probably try to bang him, you assume hot actresses who spend day in and day out feel the same and not only wanna bang him but have opportunity to bang him.

Therefore, movie making is the equivelent to baby making right?

But it isn't.... in fact, most actors are quite professional (it's the musicians you must watch out for ha ha just kindding, kind of) and although chemistry can mean awesome movies and CHARACTERS it doesn't always translate into real life...

Anyhow.... Gossip Cop writes:

But Pattinson and Witherspoon are not getting together romantically, as the Fox411 blog would like its readers to believe.

According to a post today, “The chemistry between the two so far is ‘magic.’”

Uh, they’re actors.

Nevertheless, the site has a so-called “insider” who warns, “Reese’s agent boyfriend Jim Toth had better watch out or he could lose his girl to the gentle charms of the man who plays the world’s most famous vampire!”

“Rob is not dating anyone,” adds Fox411’s alleged source.

Really? No one?

The post then ends, “Could ‘Elephants’ help turn Pattinson, 24, and Witherspoon, 34, into Hollywood’s latest June-September romance? Stranger things have happened.”

Actually, what’s stranger is the nonsensical implication that Pattinson and Witherspoon are heading for a hook-up just because they share the screen.

Back in reality, Witherspoon is happily involved with Toth, and by all accounts, the relationship is moving in the right direction.

And Pattinson also seems quite happy to be around Kristen Stewart.

Oh the stories that actually get people's attention - I wish we had mandatory "Twihard training" where we all learn how to evaluate sources and remain calm until actual facts, taken in the correct context, are revealed.

Here's Rob's Vanity Fair cut-scene:


Twired Jen said...

First of all...whether or not you give a "crapsten"'s quiet obvious Robsten exists, and second, Reese seems to be happy in her new romance with Jim Toth...Third, Rob & Reese don't seem like they'd ever go together. Reese is super type A...she's said it herself...and Rob is not. Plus Rob has said in interviews that he likes girls that are a "little crazy"..cough, cough..KSTEW!

Anyhoo, I love how just because an actress is working with the Rob it must mean they're going to hook up..


xo J

wig4usc said...

What frustrates me as much as the crap the tabloids come up with is how wacko some of the "fans" get. If you're really truly a fan of these people, you wouldn't get crazy at the mere suggestion of anything you don't think you'd like. We don't own these people and some act like they do.

Anonymous said...

Reese and Rob couldn't be more opposite. Reese seems pretty happy with her boyfriend Jim too. I don't understand how these people can conjur up these fake stories.