Monday, May 24, 2010

Reality TV Updates & Finale Updates for other great shows.

It's been a few weeks and a few finale's so allow me to update.


First of all, I have been Team Russell since last season. He should have won it last season and he or Pavarti should have won it thise season, preferably him. The people playing the "All-Stars" should have been more willing to recognize and vote for Russel because o fhis mad-skillz. I am tired of the "boo-hoo play nice" speeches - Survivor people - SURVIVOR! He always wins America's choice - he would fair better in a show where American votes - but as mentioned on the reunion show, that is not how Survivor is based. Sandra was the only one I did NOT want to win and she did and it sucks. I really have no interest in Survivor anymore. 20 seasons and I am fed up with seeing great players lose.

America's Next Top Model

I wasn't happy with the finalists but by the finale it was clear Kristen would win. She was winning all the top photos and all the competitions and although I think she is way too skinny, she did look good with her extensions / slick back and I think she will do well in the business.

American Idol

Finale this week. I am Team Lee DeWyze. Originally I was torn between Casey and Crystal with Mike as 3rd place but at some point, and I am not even sure when, Lee took the lead. Now between him and Crystal I would much rather see him win - he has what "idol" needs. Crystal is a great artist but she isn't an "idol" she will be the kind of idol that you never reall yhear about because she goes indie with her very uniqe sound. Lee has what it takes to make it big and has the sound the world craves.


I wasn't surprised to See Ochocinco go home, in fact I was surprised he was still around. I want Evan to win and if not, Erin. NOT NICOLE! She is a pussycat doll, she has been dancing with other girls, chairs and poles for years. She is a dancer. Not a contestent. Just my opinion but I'd hate to see her win. YES she is good - but not what this show is about - I would rather see growth!

Celebrity Apprentice

Finale tonight - I think Holly will win but I'd rather see Bret win. No comment until I watch it then I will edit this post to reflect the results. I was too hooked on Lost Finale to watch Celebrity Apprentice yet.

Amazing Race

I was happy with results though I barely kept track after Jeff & Jordan went home. I still think I'd love to go on that show with my friend - her and I would rock - we are both judgemental, innovative, creative, sweet talkers who would be everyone's archnemisis. People would love to hate us and we'd manipulate our way to win... or get drunk and laugh trying.

Fresh Meat II

I have three episodes on my PVR, it's an MTV Show no one really watches but it was filmed locally and is based off of a Road Rules Challenge kind of idea. Lot's of drama - I am still anti-Wes though I don't like Kenny either and they are the "two leaders" from what I last saw - again - I am pretty far behind so we shall see what's progressed when I catch up this week.


Grey's Anatomy

I was so tired from going out with some girlfriends to see the late showing of "Letters to Juliet" and when I got home my PVR didn't tape Grey's *gasp* my long time friend and ex-roomie hooked me up with a website to see streaming video and tv and I was able to watch Grey's *phew* I immediately woke up and was alert the entire adrenaline pumping episode. The first 5 minutes had me hooked and my heart was racing with anticipation the entire 2 hours. I bawled the last half hour at least and feared the worst the entire viewing. I am anxious for next season and although I think I bawled more last season and also more Private Practive Finale last week - this one was definately a cry-fest.

Private Practice

Dell is my favourite character, and he just got into Med School and Betsy, his daughter just lost her crack-whore momma. When he had his talk with Betsy about "bad things" I was bawling and hoping it was just a precautionary measure and he would be fine. When he wasn't - I lost it - for long after the show was over. Even now I am sad just remembering.


After years of confusion tonight's episode left me still confused. Although when I explained it to someone else, somehow it made sense.

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