Monday, May 24, 2010

Robert Pattinson goes to the gym this weekend.


Robert Pattinson had his gym clothes in hand yesterday afternoon following a workout in LA. He had the afternoon off after spending much of last week in the Ventura area getting down to work on Water for Elephants. He was the first on set looking hot and dirty, but Rob was later joined by his costar Reese Witherspoon for more filming. Reese also had some downtime, and she spent her Saturday bonding with her son Deacon and boyfriend, Jim Toth. Robert's own special friend Kristen Stewart was nowhere to be seen, but he and she will be together next month when they present a sneak peek of Eclipse at the MTV Movie Awards with Taylor Lautner.

Are those car keys? As in he was driving himself? OH MY! Sorry, but he doesn't drive much because while filming people drive him or he will take a cab... and when he had to drive for the Eclipse scene at the Police Station he wasn't very good... AND he has said on Ellen he isn't a great driver... ha ha ha - Watch Out L.A. ;)



Anonymous said...

The first thing I noticed was that those gym shoes he is carrying sure look like they have pink trim? Anyone else see pink?

Anonymous said...

No - no pink trip on his shoes