Friday, May 28, 2010

AnnaLynne planning to visit Kellan in Vancouver during Breaking Dawn?

AnnaLynne plans to visit Kellan in Vancouver during Breaking Dawn? Well, if the Louisiana rumours are true she will be pretty lonely up here won't she?

E Online posted this:

Although we're hearing the deal is done for Kellan Lutz to reprise his role as a Cullen vampire in the next Twilight movie, he may not have broken the happy news to his girlfriend, AnnaLynne McCord, yet...

"Did that actually go through or is that just a rumor?" the 90210 star replied when I asked if she was excited her man had signed on for Breaking Dawn. "If he did, then awesome! I'm going to Vancouver to check it out."

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AnnaLynne didn't know if he signed but seems to know it's in Vancouver? Well add this to my reasons I know (hope) Vancouver is where it's at for Breaking Dawn.... I wish they would just announce it already.

Thanks to Aidinslevel for the tip!

Oh Did you see the comments on this blog? Ha Ha Love it!

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