Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer 2010 - Reality TV Preview

If you read my blog often you know besides Twilight, I have a deep addiction to Reality Television.

There are some I don't bother with but overall I get pretty hooked.

This Summer will provide the Reality TV Fix I love....

Here is a list of shows coming to my PVR soon:


Boston Med
(ABC, Thursdays at 10p starting June 24)

I may check this out but it feels like Grey's Anatomy without the sex, drama and suspense. Plus real life emergencies are not as cool as fake ones.

The OCD Project
(VH1, Thursdays at 10p starting May 27)

As if Intervention doesn't provide enough - this will follow 6 OCD patients and force them to deal with their problems. Previews say "the woman afraid of her son dying will have to eulogize him in a mock funeral" I admit I will check this out, I have known a few people with severe OCD.

The Tournament
(VH1, Sundays at 9p starting July 11)

"Chad Ocho Cinco takes his flamboyant personality off the football field and into the dating pool to bring VH1 viewers his own spin on a reality dating competition." Um - isn't he dating his 'Dancing with the Stars' partner (Cheryl Burke?) now? Won't bother with this - I don't think - he annoys me!

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist
(Bravo, Wednesdays at 10p starting June 9)

I love Project Runway and for that reason I will check this out as it seems to be the "artist" version of the fashion show. I will deffo check this out at least to start.


America’s Got Talent
(NBC, Tuesdays at 8p starting June 1)

I always TRY to watch this but it is so wacky and diverse. I mean singers, dancers, jugglers, comedians, puppeteers, strippers, magicians, and fire blowers? I did hear Howie Mandel will replace Mr. Baywatch - equally annoying but he is Canadian so props for that. I will likely tune in here and there, my daughter loves the show but I honestly can't keep up. Like I said, a few here and there then maybe tune in for the final few episodes.

So You Think You Can Dance
(Fox, Wednesdays at 8p starting May 27)

Hello? yes! They've changed this season to include a Top 10 instead of 20 and bring in 10 past dancers to be partnered with contestants. Basically, in stead of drawing a genre to dance to each week, contestants draw a dancer and then do their genre of expertise. From the names drawn already I am pretty excited to see some familiar faces on the show. Nice way to spice it up. Will watch religiously.

The Bachelorette
(ABC, Mondays at 8p starting May 24)

I used to watch all the time then stopped after they had the older guy that one season. Got back into it recently and really disliked Ali so not particularly looking forward to this season but I wont lie - I will watch and complain until I find a redeeming quality in Ali & like her again. Don't get me wrong, I did like her to start, she was my pick for Jake - but she just kept pushing the drama with Vienna - and then she left - and then she tried to return - she's her own bag of drama and not in the way that makes good TV, more in the way that gets annoying really fast!

Hell’s Kitchen
(Fox, Tuesdays at 8p starting June 1)

Love Chef Ramsey. It says the winner will become head cook at Araxi in Whistler, but wasn't that last season? Did it not work out so well for the last winner? *shrugs* I always watch this series religiously and plan to again this season. Bring on the burn!

(A&E, Mondays at 9p starting June 28)

Honestly, I can't watch this much. Here and there but like Hoarders, it is just to real and too depressing.

Jersey Shore
(MTV, Thursdays at 10p starting July 29)

I could totally lie and tell you I never watch this - but I am an honest person so allow me to humiliate myself by saying once I saw it the first season I was hooked. It's horrible - this I know - but I am strangely drawn into their absolutely pathetic lives. I heard it was tape din Miami - um - Jersey Shore - anyone who can mess the CITY up shows complete stupidity and for that I am even more anxious to see how it goes down. Snookie has a boyfriend (or had?) which will be even more interesting... ha!

The Next Food Network Star
(Food Network, Sundays at 9p starting June 6)

I catch this usually late at night when I lie in bed watching food network realizing I should have eaten more (or a better) dinner. Not something I will pvr likely, but will tune in for occasionally and wish I could cook (thank god my husband can!)

Top Chef
(Bravo, Wednesdays at 9p starting June 16)

Ditto from above.

Toddlers & Tiaras
(TLC, Wednesdays at 10p starting June 2)

Won't do it - caught about 5 minutes of the show once and felt sick to my stomach! It is disgusting! Many of those mothers deserve to have their children taken away!!!

Last Comic Standing
(NBC, Mondays at 9p starting June 7)

I absolutely LOVE this show - the auditions can be hilarious or painful but once they get into the house and start completing in ridiculous challenges and "I know I am funnier than..." competitions - it's a blast! So many great comics I have seen go through that show and win or not it opens up doors for some pretty funny people!

Dating in the Dark
(ABC, Mondays at 10p starting August 9)

This show was kind of lame but I was oddly hooked. Something about dating a person in complete darkness was intriguing and then seeing how vain some people were was shocking. If you haven't seen it, 3 gals and 3 guys go on "blind dates" literally. It's a dark room where they can't See and they pick people to get to know based on conversations and going through their luggage or wallets ha ha. Then at the end they get to see each other and decide secretly if they want to date or not.

Big Brother 12

No news yet - but you can expect a lot from meon this as it's my favourite Summer Show!


There are more shows - lot's - but these were the ones worth mentioning because I felt strongly about them one way or another... if you want to see more Check this site.

Stay Tuned this summer for updates on the shows I get addicted to!

Deffo Big Brother, Hell's Kitchen, SYTYCD, Jersey Shore, Bachelorette, Last Comic Standing.


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