Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Brother 12 Tonight

Big Brother 12 started tonight... love it!

It's a massive committment, 3 days a week, plus after hours if you have Showtime (I don't for some reason - even though I have every channel.... maybe it's a darn Canadian thing - but I can't find it!!!) plus the 24-7 feed (I don't subscribe but that is because every year I think there is no need then half way through the season I wish I had but refuse to pay for it for only half a season ha ha - imma dork) but I do stay online reading people who have live feeds report on the happenings and screen capping exciting moments... I usually can't wait to see most things live and spoil myself with online4 stuff - but I always SAY i wont ha ha

ANNNNYWAYS - - - - - - despite all those things - I LOVE IT!

It is my summer guilty pleasure, well that and spiked watermelon Mmmm....

Tonight we were introduced to the house guests and told about this seasons plot twist - a saboteur or a person whose mission it is to ruin everyones time in the house... if that person makes it to the hald way point they win $50k - sweet and fun!!!

If you missed it Hayden is HoH and Brittany hurt her knee (or did she?) playing HoH game.. Monet won $10k

I love this show and I am excited about the house guests I already sense the drama and love and showmances a brewing.... PLUS I already saw spoilers on who Hayden nominated - - - should be interesting... next Thursday is live eviction and we get to see who the saboteur is - yay!

ok - end rant - but if you don't watch this show you should - highly addicting

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