Friday, July 9, 2010

Deadly Helicopter Crash in La Push Washington

My husband texted me ths information which I tweeted... and had a lot of people tweet me back with questions so I did some research, here it is...

Seattle Times reported Wednesday:

Rescue teams are searching for a crew member after a Coast Guard helicopter crashed in the water near James Island off of La Push on the Olympic Peninsula. Two other crew members have been hospitalized with injuries and a third was recently located, according to the Coast Guard.

The condition of the third crew member was not immediately disclosed.

Today's update Q13 Fox:

SEATTLE - The U.S. Coast Guard Friday started removing pieces of the wreckage of a helicopter crash out of the waters off La Push. Up until now fog has hampered efforts to do so. The crash killed 3 crew members Wednesday and left one in the hospital.

The sole surviving crew member is in satisfactory condition. He has been identified as Lt. Lance D. Leone, 29, of Ventura, California.

The other three crew members who were killed are:

Lt. Sean D. Krueger, 33, of Seymour, Conn. The Aircraft Commander is married with three children.

AMT1 Adam C. Hoke, 40, of Great Falls, Mont. The Air Crewman is single with one child.

AMT2 Brett M. Banks, 33, Rock Spring, N.Y. The Air Crewman is married with two children.

Photos and additional details here

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the families, co-workers and friends of the survivor and with those that have lost their loved ones to this tragic accident. Team Coast Guard nationwide mourns this loss," said Rear Adm. Gary T. Blore, Commander of the 13th Coast Guard District.

All four crew members were recovered from the crash Wednesday. Officials say they were based in Sitka, Alaska.

Officials indicated they found power lines down near the crash site. Although they are still investigating, they believe this may have caused the crash.

Multiple U.S. Coast Guard units responded to the MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crash. Only four crew members were in the helicopter at the time of the crash.

Officials say two crew members were rescued by tribal members of the Quileute Nation. Darryl Penn, the harbormaster for the Quileute Nation in La Push, heard the crash and saw the wreckage. Penn said he and his cousin raced out to the wreckage on a small boat and were able to reach two of the members, who were "pretty banged up." He found one of the crew members in the water, wet suit on, and the other in the wreckage. (The complete interview can be found in our related links.)

He said they were conscious but in pain. "You know, these guys are out here for us, for the guys who fish," Penn said. "When they go down, it's scary."

The helicopter was coming from Air Station Astoria in Oregon. They were on their way to Sitka, Alaska. The Coast Guard lost contact with the helicopter at 9:32 a.m.

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