Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Power of Veto to Britt

I was pretty shocked to see Britt win how about you?

I was stoked that the nominee's stayed the same, I started to panic when Hayden was working that deal - I understand his concern, but he knows Kristen will leave and to be honest, it's better, secret showmance or not - if she stays their relationship would come out and hurt him and also, she's a biatch ha!

I was so glad she got the hippie-tard - - - talk about hideous!

I am liking Britt more with no Monet, but still not a fan - Team Rachel and Brendan all the way - - - even though Brendan's dark eyes freak me out - he seriously looks like a hungry vampire that needs to feed!

Racel's laugh and voice still annoys me but I love them together and last night my husband and I were joking about how rad it would be if they just kept going back and forth winning HoH until the end - talk about power couple if they did eh?

Anyhow, I am loving R&B, I also like Lane, would love to see him creep from behind and win the game to be honest, but it's too early to make such bold predictions I suppose.

Can't wait for tonight's episode, I work late so Thank goodness for PVR!!!

Comments on BB12 so far?

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Quilt Nut said...

Rachel's laugh reminds me of fingernails on a chalkboard *shudder*.

Also loving Britt more and I LOVE Lane. I think he could sneak in and win it all.

Haven't caught an entire season in BB in years; thank goodness for PVR!!!