Saturday, September 11, 2010

VMAs - Reasons to watch even though Robert Pattinson is not attending... and an Ashley Greene rant..

There will be no ROb, no Kristen, no Taylor, not even a Kellan or Jackson at the VMAs (according to reports, though I am still hopeful someone will show up) The only one scheduled is ... Ms Greene.

I have no REAL issue with her, I promise, She just annoys me... ha ha - I just feel like she has personal papz and we see her everyday, shopping, or gassing up, or talking on the phone, or wandering or drinking coffee or (best of all) kissing various hot boys

Here she is after a fitting for the VMA's tomorrow...

Ashley Greene is the only Twi Star scheduled to attend the VMAs and perhaps that is why I haven't really been as psyched as usual by them.. then again, I have been so busy with life... *sigh*

Regardless she is presenting and there are some other really cool rumours going around such as a Taylor Swift revenge song... tee hee watchout Kanye

We all remember last year's "debacle" as they call it...

AP Reports:

NEW YORK — Be warned, Kanye: Taylor Swift has written a song about you, and she's singing it at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.

The country superstar's win for best female video last year was marred when Kanye West got on stage and said it should have gone to Beyonce.

Swift wrote a song about the experience earlier this year, and a source familiar with the show said Saturday the 20-year-old will sing the new song at the VMAs, which will be aired live on MTV. The source did not want to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter.

The song is on Swift's upcoming album "Speak Now," due out in October. The source said Swift performed it during a secret rehearsal in Los Angeles for the VMAs on Friday.

Though the West-Swift moment only lasted but a few minutes, it has endured for what seems to be a lifetime. It became a cultural watershed moment and gave West the most intense backlash of his career, despite an apology delivered later.

Apparently Kanye is performing too, I will bet he sings his song he wrote for Taylor... his apology... hmmm... Both are also nominated for awards.

Speaking of Kanye did you see his tweets... he went on and on and on and I think he honestly needs medication...

Taylor had also tweeted something long the lines of: Even though Kanye said sorry on twitter I won't sing a song with him... it was gone when I went back to copy it...

At least there is something controversial and exciting planned for the VMAs ha ha

The performances. I got to see Travie McCoy on Leno when RPattz was on in June and I just loved Gym Class Heroes so I am excited to see them perform. Other performances I am excited about include:

BoB and Hayley Willians (who have never even MET despite their hit collaboration "airplanes" ha ha)

also Eminem's performance (although Rihanna can't be there). He is supposed to be opening the show and I am thrilled, something about him - rawr!

AND Florence + The Machine who was features on the Eclipse Soundtrack (Heavy in your arms) as well as Eat, Pray Love and a few awesome SYTYCD Routines as well. I am such a fan of their sound and of FLorence Welch's voice... Read 5 things you should know about Florence + the Machine.

Other performances include Jason Derulo, Drake, Usher, Outkast and G-Unit,

Other things to look forward to? What will Lady Gaga wear? also Chelsea Handler and Aziz Ansari... I imagine I will be giggling and "oh no they di-hint" - ing throughout the show.... Presenters.. well we have Ashley Greene representing Twilight (woo... sigh) and then the Glee Cast and Jersey Shore trash and who knows who else will show up, what they will wear and what they will SAY or DO!

Though I honestly forgot VMAs were on this weekend until tonight ha ha (Sorry was pre occupied with preparing for True Blood Finale) I am now excited to tune in tomorrow...

Will you Watch?

What are you looking forward to most?


Christina said...

TOTALLY agree about Ashely Greene. I have nothing against her either but she's got the paps on speed dial for sure.

Will I watch the VMAs? Mmm...I might watch the re run if something particularly interesting happens. Or youtube it.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog by way of Twired. Can we agree to disagree about Ashely Greene? Mr TM loves her. I even came home one day to catch him watching Twilight without me. I figure as long as he is watching for her, I can drool over the men. tee hee

Mandy's Mind said...

|Twitarded Mom - ya my hub loves AG too - - - I am just over it - i don't know there is no reason i am not a major fan anymore really it's just kind of old and boring now with her *shrugs*