Monday, June 4, 2012

Bachelorette - June 4

Another night of dates and drama...

They head to Bermuda. The guys roll up on mopeds. Hanging out inside, the guys rag on Doug because he is nervous for the date. Arie, in particular, pushes his buttons for entertainment and just as things are starting to get tense, in walks Emily.


Arie's diary room was hilarious " Doug is like the hulk, Doug is angry, Doug is sad " ha ha ha!!!

Doug gets the first one-on-one date. He also got the first impression rose the first episode. They go shopping and sample food and seem to be having a very normal date. They even create their own perfumes.

Emily thought Doug was always happy, he admited he has bad days and had been grumpy when she arrived. Doug told Emily what happened and how he "scolded" them. Then Emily and Doug wrote a postcard for Austin (Doug's son) since he had written a letter to Emily.

They went to the moongate and walked through together making wishes. Emily wished she wouldn't be single forever. ha ha Um, win, lose, or fail.... even if Bachelorette doesn't work that women will NOT ever be single - except by choice! She is beautiful, charming, funny, though probably too picky and a tad high maintainence.

For dinner they have a good tine. Emily compares her feelings to how she felt with Brad. She also fears he is too much like Brad. He admits he isn't perfect. Faults? Too much time with his son, that isn't a bad answer. She wants to know what would your ex gf say? She feels like Doug's answers are "too perfect" So Emily says she is sensitive, stubborn, I don't work out, I stay in PJs all day sometimes even while I run errands. She then realizes how uncomfortable it is being put on the spot. Needless to say, he gets the rose and although he wants to kiss Emily, he doesn't make the move because he was taught not to unless a woman tells him too... er... ok... the editing makes Emily look disappointed he didn't make a move.. who knows.

Back at the house the date card arrives.

Group date:


Leaves Alejandro and Jon, Micheal, Nate are left, two won't get a date, two will get a two-on-one where one will be sent packing.

Group Date starts with sailing. After a brief lesson the men are broken up into two teams to race for more time with Emily.

Jef & Charley have the major big sails to control on their respective teams... yellow vs red:

Yellow = Ryan, Jef, Arie, Kallon
Red = Charley, Sean, Travis, Chris

After a lot of near capsizing boats there are some injuries. Red seems to take the lead, yellow complains about lack of communication, more near flipped boats, yelling, intensity, yellow takes the lead, red goes into overload to try and win and cuts off yellow, but yellow somehow pulls ahead once more and wins. Red is disappointed and angry. It is revealed that Jef's finger was "ripped off at the first turn"

Red takes the walk of shame to head home, Yellow gets a wonderful evening where Ryan's ego starts to show... more. Besides calling Emily his trophy wife, and later with his one-on-one time he has a "talk with her" ha ha he claims he has a lot of depth and maturity but I don't see it... "I'm not her to impress you, but make an impression on you" she calls him out on his odd comments "I'll love you but I won't love on you" and "You ain't cheating you ain't trying" or "you best be getting your butt to the gym" she says "what id i got fat because i couldn't go to the gym because i was chasing you kids around" he continues his douchey-self-comments. Yup, I officially do not like him anymore. He then talks about why she was kissing Arie and that she is wasting her amazing opportunity. He kind of lectures her for kissing and implies she represents herself inappropriately. Appauling. He is just not nice.

Arie says all the right things (again, his "baggage haunts me, but I am starting to forgive all of that, he is so dreamy) I think he should be the next Bachelor if he doesn't win this (and I hope he doesn't) or at least Bachelor Pad! I much prefer Jef who is younger and really cute! They sit by the fire and seem to connect, though he didn't kiss her. Arie DID kiss her - a lot - back at the house in fact, the men were commenting on how Arie and Emily were kissing at the last trose ceremony...

The rose goes to Jef... it pays to withhold a kiss and leave her wanting more eh?

Fireworks explode, Jef wraps his arma round Emily, Arie is jealous and upset, Ryan thinks she did it to be "safe" wah wah wah....

John & Nate get the two-on-one date. We don't know why John is called wolf yet, so I hope we find out on the date then he goes home. Nate is cuter, but I feel I have unresolved issues with John (mainly - why is he called Wolf?!?!?!)

They go to these amazing caves for dinner, I think I'd rather swim in that beautiful water. It is awkward since there is a rose and one will be leaving... Emily takes Nate first for some one-on-one and they drink and chat sitting on a very uncomfy rock. Emily gives Nate the vibe of a sister or bestie NOT romantic... whichis too bad.

Then John and Emily have some time, which seems a little more sincere and less awkward than Nate and Emily.

She gives the rose to John and sends cutie Nate packing. She claims Nate is too "young"

Cocktail Party

Alejandro gets some time and Emily apologizes for not giving him some time yet.

Ryan is super cocky and is the only one to say he knows he is safe. The men discuss if he was to go home. Ryan and Emily talk and she says more b.s. that makes me roll my eyes... we get it... Ryan LOVES Ryan! Doug tells Arie to go interupt, Arie doesn't think Ryan is here for the right reasons and so he does go... Ryan thinks this is because he is such a threat...

Arie and Emily talk... Arie also thinks he is a threat to Ryan ha - oh boy! During Emily and Arie's talks he admits she feels comfy with him and they have a strong connection and thinks about him a lot. She is clearly smitten with him.

Ryan wants to be the next Bachelor and says if it doesn't work out he is meant for bigger things. he goes on talking about how he will use the show for bigger things, like the Bachelor next season. As he tells (long haired guy I forget his name) this I can't help but wonder WTF?!?! I hope Ryan leaves....

The men talk more and more and bad mouth each other.

Sean takes Emily for some chit chat and is very honest, open and sweet about how disappointed he was to not get some one-on-one time. Emiyl clearly feels the same way. She kisses him. It's sweet... they are adorable together. He seems much more sincere than Arie or Ryan. I like him!

Chris spends some one-on-one time with Emily and expresses his concerns. He is indeed only 25 but mature beyond his years, despite what some others may say (DOUG)

Chris decides to confront Doug on why he thinks he is a better man for Emily. The men gather to watch at the window.

In talking with host Chris, Emily says she thinks Doug is perfect, but whenever there is house drama or problems it is usually involving Doug or Ryan. She likes Jef a lot but twice has had one-on-one time and no kiss. Arie makes her giddy. Alejandro she isn't sure is ready for what she has to offer. Emily is hip to Ryan and the other side of him that is a bit manipulative. Emilyi s very candid and it's awesome to hear her true opinions and that she knows what's happening. Much nicer than past seasons.

Rose Ceremony:
Doug, Jef and John have roses.


So we say good-bye to Charley (head injury) and Michael (long hair)

I am favouring: #1 - Sean #2 - Jef #3 - Arie #4 - Chris #5 - Doug
I do not like: #1 - Ryan #2 - Alejandro #4 - Kallon #5 - JOhn
Travis fits in between the dislike anbd like.

Next week they are off to London and we see some Sean one-on-one time and kissing, some Jef one-on-one time and it seems Ryan does a contest play so probably a group date. Then there will be more drama with Chris, Doug, Kallon and Ryan. Looks like it is the "Ricky is baggage" comment and Emily confronts him at cocktail party and tells him to get the fuck out - you go girl!

Thoughts? Faves?

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