Monday, June 4, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10 Premiere

Hells Kitchen kicked off tonight. If you missed it, I have your recap, as well as my opinions... just read on.... Also, check out the contestents bio's here.

It started with Sexy Chef Scott showing his photo before he met Chef Gordon Ramsey. He had hair.. and if it is possible, he was even hotter than he is now.... *sigh* If you are new to my Hell's Kitchen Recaps, let me warn you, I have a hard crush on Chef Scott. Anyways, Scott asks who else is willing to shave their heads. One male does, One Female does... ramsey stops them before anyone else gets their heads shaved and it is revealed that the two who were shaved are in deed Chef Scott's friends ha ha!

They go work on their signature dishes and the season is off to a bang....


Robyn vs. Don

Robyn made bass and was complimented for plating and flavour
Don made a huge portion of something southwest pasta something or other? It is too spicey

Win: Ladies

Tiffany vs. Guy

Tiffany makes lamb that is drenched in sauce and soggy
Guy makes bass and says the sauce got burned and not to try it

Win: neither

**Meanwhile one guy is coughing and seems like he is about to pass out - Clemnza*

Roshni vs Royce

Roshni made lamb and had a "balance of flavour"
Royce made pan seared something. He cooks at SDK his executive chef is Ralph who is a past contestnet runner up.

Win: Both

Danielle vs Justin

Win: Men

Kimmie vs. Brian

Win: Neither

Barbie vs. Chris

Win: Neither

Briana vs. Patrick

Win: Both

Dana vs. Tavon

Dana makes scallops which are complimented by Chef Ramsey
Tavon makes shrimp, scallops, crab on pasta. Ramsey doesn't like the flavour.

Win: Ladies

Christina vs. Clemnza

Christina makes pork chop which Chef loves
Clemenza makes veal truffle something

Win: Ladies

Ladies win!!!!! BBQ cooked by Rock and Dave (past winners of Hell's Kitchen season 3 and 6)

Losers: Clean-up Kitchens (both)

Blue Team / Men finish cleaning and start studying the books for dinner service.

Red Team / Ladies are a bit tipsy and they are being goofy.

In the morning the chefs start prep with their new knives. Men seem more confident than the women who are a bit frazzled and nervous.

Chef Ramsay arrives and ANNOUNCES it is the 125th dinner service. He drills a few of the chefs and the women clearly are not up to par.

Dinner Service Begins and the women are struggling with appetizers and sends Roshni upstairs. Barbie steps in and things get on track. Blue is not doing much better as Royce struggles on appies also.

The usual chaos ensues with Chef Ramsay yelling "RAW" and "WTF" and so on. Tavon the alleged executive chef not only doesn't cook well he prepped the scallops that are so poorly done they can't be cooked or even used.

Blue team loses "ya you suck at least red team finished appetizers"

They nominate: Tavon and Don. Chef disagrees and calls Royce down with Tavon.

Tavon is sent home.


Too early to pick favourites yet....

And so we continue with another season of drama in the kitchen. Any faves yet?

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