Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reality TV - Tuesday June 5

Tonight was another reality television night.

Auditions #2 was tonight and it didn't disappoint. Like last night there were some good, some bad and some questionable. As I said last night I will recap and blog episodes once auditions are over. It is just too hard for me before that point... and I am feeling lazy ha! Last night I listed a few names from Auditions #1. I missed the tall guy who everyone asked if he was a basketball player - he was awesome! Tonight a few stand outs included Felix (first gal), the dessert girl who ran for a rolling pin, the cowboys were entertaining at least, but the horse riding one got through. I also loved the husband and wife combo.

Love in the Wild
I seriously can't understand why I watch this show... but I do. It is usually my background show while I do other things online and my recaps are pretty vague idf I can remember names. I will try to do better this time, but no guarantees. Tonight's episode was a good start. I love Jenny McCarthy as host and the nick names the contestents used for each other("boobs mcgee") helped me since I usually have to refer to them by nicknames (Have you seen my Bachelorette recaps? "head injury guy" and "egg dude" and "long haired boy" LOL Sorry, I am not detail focused - CLEARLY!) Read my recap from tonight here....

Hells Kitchen
Episode #2 was tonight and the drama was full force. It is always equally entertaining and mind-blowing at how terrible these "chefs" are.... See my full re-cap from tonight's episode here.

Tomorrow: SYTYCD Auditions #3 (Again, I usually start recaps once we get our top group, though a bit of commentary happens during auditions and CERTAINLY during Vegas week!!!)

Thanks for reading.... Remember Big Brother Starts in a month - squeeeeee!!!

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