Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love in the Wild Premiere

So Jenny McCarthy is hosting which already means the show is an improvement from last time.

The Top 2 couples from last season are still together, "so it does work" she says. She is quirky, honest, funny and the show starts with drawing numbers and then choosing their "man"


Cina (cocky, good looking, lil' asian girl) chooses Chase.
Tara (blonde, kind of ditzy, self-assured bimbo) chooses Tim. (Who had been eyeing Ali.
Summer (looks like a cowgirl hottie and seems more down to earth) picks blonde babe Jesse.
Jenny (red head who was recently cheated on) goes for Ben (long hair and an accent).
Ali (from Arkansas, looks like "boobs mcgee from previews) goes for Jason.
Yanina did eeny-miney and picked Ken.
Shawna was left over and got Christian who has a strange look to him, like a cartoon character almost.

After picked, 7 more men walked in and were looking even better looking than the first batch. The women got to choose a 2nd man to form a trio and the three would go on a date.

Random order to pick:
Cina picked Jason E.
Ali picked Darwin who reminded me a bit of Channing Tatum - rawr!
Jenny picked Frankie
Shawna picked Brian or Ryan
Yanina picked Mike
Tara picked Leo, jersey shore style
Summer picked Quaisoni

Jenny warns, the better you finish the better chance you have of winning, staying in the game, but also, the worse you place/longer it takes you to do the challenge, the worse and more rugged your accommodations...

1st place is luxurious accomodations
2-4 stay in cabins
5 & 6 place stay in rugged spot
last place is undescribable... vile...

-Collect three shells
-find supplies (including a map) safely stored ... as a helicopter drops all their supplies into the ocean.

One of the trio swims to get supplies (leaves other two to mingle right? Unless it's the woman)

Summer took lead as Jesse and Q flirted onthe beach ha ha, Ken was in second while Mike flirted with Yanina despite being a lifeguard. Tim admits he is a cheater/womanizer - lovely. Jenny tries to talk with Frankie, who is too excited to cheer for Ben.

The trio had a map and continued with the adventure. The lady gets put in a snake pit to dig in the sand for shells. Some girls were... girlie... others were troopers. Summer is a rockstar, but Shawna & blondie Tara gave all women a bad name screeching and squealing.

Next the men threw coconuts at a mask to break it. The two men would go, go, go "fighting" to break it and "win" the gals adoration.

Then there was a 5 second kiss, Tara said hers was salty and gross,

Jenny found Shauna, Brian and Christians map... mwahahahah I like Jenny... she is malicious and a ginger ;)She and Ben had to keep kissing because Frankie couldn't work the camer for the 5 second kiss ha ha - awesome

Shawna is bossy and mad because of the left behind map, they lost time going to get it.

Next,t hey go to the boat and get the boat and then dive for the next shell. Summer's crew was strong enough to carry the boat, even though they left logs to roll the boat down. Summers boat sunk so they swam as the next group started to catch up. Still, Summer swims like a fish and keeps their lead.

As the boat sunk the teams struggled, Shawna whined a lot and Christian said Brian could have her ha ha. I really enjoyed Darwin, he reminds me of Channing Tatum a bit... not as hot of course ;)

The third and final shell was hanging in a tree and they had to climb to get it.

Jesse took the lead to impress Summer, it worked they along with Q came in first and get to stay at the Oasis luxury suite. Yanina, Ken and Mike came up in second. Jenny McCarthy greeted them. Next to arrive was Tara, Tim and a blood painted Leo (he used his blood to paint his face - gross!) Next was Cina, Chase and Jason E then close behind was Shawna, Ryan and Christian.. they got the rugged accommodations... can't wait to see where. Also sharing similar conditions is Jenny, Ben and Frankie. Last place was Ali, Darwin and Jason. They get to stay in the worst conditions.... Ali is not impressed.

At the luxury suite Summer, Jesse and Q hafe an entire hotel, private bar, pool, billiards, kitchen, it is amazing! A personal chef, bartender, you name it!

The cabins were cozy and nice. There was a pool, the individual cabins with one giant bed ha ha.

Then came the tents. Rugged conditions and a spider sent whiney Shawna over the top. There was at least pillows and such....

Which brings me to the worse accommodations... a wood floor, hay roof and a net and a sleeping bag. Everyone comes to see and laughs and makes fun of them, which makes them even more mad.

Ali whines and threatens to leave and Jason H tries to comfort her. She is crying and I am hoping she leaves... really? It is not a big deal! One night... Jason tells her to toughen up but is still kind to her and makes her laugh.

The bottom three teams have an "outdoor vanity" which is a ladle, a bucket of cold water and that is what they use to wash....

At least the cabins have their own bathrooms, but Oasis I don't even know what else to say - personal chef, bartender, just heavenly... still, they go to the cabins to meet the others. Summer wants to "check out the other guys:

Party time, drinking time, mingling and flirting between everyone.

There is double the men so it is awkward and you get odd behaviour like Leo in his tighties swimming and shaking his junk around, Mike entertaining Yanina while Ken watched. Tim caught Summer's eye, and vice versa, Q and Tara were flirting, he was upset to leave them and go back to the Oasis where they struggled with sleeping positions.

Chase took a chair to sleep on but Jason slept in the bed with Cina, Cina thought Chase was more of a gentleman.
Tara tried to get the men to sleep off the bed and she would get it herself. Tara has no interest in Leo but ends up in the middle of them both.

Similarily Yanina was in the middle and both men played footsie and touchy with her... especially Mike - ha!

Ali, Jason and Darwin struggled with mosquitos despite the nets and then the weather changes and it begins to storm and rain... Ali is - you guessed it NOT IMPRESSED!

Frankie is a snorer and Jenny can't handle it. The others all wake up and mostly complain about sleep.

Summer, Q and Jesse go for their reward. They change and learn to dance salsa.

Jenny McCarthy announces that women hold the power. First place winner Summer can pick ANY guy she wants, the rest of the gals will choose and 7 men will go home. She suggests they all mingle and get to know everyone... hmmm...

The flirting begins ....

Shawna does yoga and Brian or Ryan or whoever he is tries to learn also.

Tara and Christian flirt a bit since he is over Shawna anyways... Tara finds him a little strange.

Ken and Yanina get some chat time finally without crazy Mike. Ken fosters puppies and shares photos with her, they see a rainbow and kiss. Mike complains that Ken isn't trying, Ken feels Mike tries too hard.

Ben and Jenny see a rainbow and enjoy each others sarcastic banter.

Jason and Cina share some wine on a hammock and Jason comes on a tad strong... too little too late maybe? Cina seems more into Chase.... we shall see.

Shawna has a beach chat with Mike as they share coconuts. Looks like some switch ups may occur.. in typical Mike fashion he pushes too hard asking for a kiss and trying to get her to tell him who she will pick.

At this point I can NOT believe I am still watching... apparently this is two hours long - geezus!

Preparing for the ceremony (finally) we hear how each person feels about how the night will go...

Here is how it will work:

Trio's come up and the woman will choose a man. He can not deny her.
Those not picked move to the unmatched area.

Summer won so she gets to go first (and can pick any man, not just one from her trio) she feels only a friendship with them and sends them to the unmatched area and decides to pick from one of the other men. She picks Tim... much to Tara's dismay. Tim says he is happily surprised. I like this match up.

Yanina, Ken and Mike come up next.
She chooses Ken as mike is more brotherly love. This doesn't surprise me.

Tara and Leo are next. Tim was already stolen.
Tara and Leo insult each other and are a forced couple.

Cina, Jason and Cashe are next.
They are pretty even, she is clearly unsure but chooses Jason. I thought she would have picked Chase, I wish she had!

Shawna, Christian, Ryan are up.
She easily chooses Ryan, Christian seems equally happy to be rid of her.

Jenny, Ben and Frankie are next.
No one is surprised she chooses Ben.

Ali, Darwin and Jason are last.
She had more of a connection with Jason, so I am not surprised she chooses him, but sad to see Channing Tatum resembling Darwin go.

One more surprise - of course.

The 7 unmatched men man not be leaving?

The women get one more chance, they can keep the man they chose or switch them out for ANYONE in the unmatched area. The men get to plead their case. Q mentions Tara and Cina. Jesse mentions Ali. Mike sweet talks and reminds Shawna of their time on the beach, Chase wants to get to know Ali more. The others stay silent.

Summer already had her pick of every guy, so we skip her.

Yanina - stays with Ken.
Tara - easily switches out Leo for Jesse randomly because she didn't talk to him.
Cina - stays.
Shawna - stays with Ryan despite the connection with Mike. (Good idea, Mike felt like a player)
Jenny - stays with Ben - thankfully, I like them. I don't usually like long hair but he is beautiful and the accent is hot too!
Ali - decides to switch, after apologizing to Jason she ponders over who to take... she chooses Chase, I am thrilled, Chase is awesome!

So our new 7 men that are unmatched head home. Good Riddance to most of them... some it is sad, but tis life.

So as horrible as this show it, it easily has me hooked - did you watch? What did you think? The constant twists get on my nerves, Jenny McCarthy makes it more fun, and I actually remember a few names by the end of the TWO HOUR premiere... off to a good start!

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