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Bachelorette - Ten Men in London

Tonight we went from ten men to eight, who made the cut? Let's recap....

Emily and Ricky enjoy London sight-seeing. I have to say, she has a sweet deal, taking her kid around the world... nice! Then men meet in London and head to their hotel May Fair.


"Sean, Love takes no prisoners"

The first one-on-one date was with Sean and they went sight-seeing in London, taking cute photos. I am loving the two of them together. Sean reminds Emily he is selective, and Emily agrees that good guys are hard to come by. She tells him he seems to be the full package, since he is good looking and also not boring. She seems smitten. As they walk they see these poets doing speakers corner and so he steps up and shouts about how he feels about love staring at Emily. He wooed her. You could see it in her eyes, she thinks he is a keeper... at least for now.

Later in the evening they have dinner in a castle / Tower of London. King Henry lived in this building and after a short tour they sit down in a candle lit room filled with armour and elegant decor sets a romantic mood for the two love birds. Emily sounds like she is losing her voice as she tells him about the room they are in being where Henry VIII locked up his wives, two of which he beheaded.

Emily is waiting for the bomb, Sean has been divorced? has 7 kids? but no bomb comes, only compliments about how much he enjoyed the day. She tells him he is humble but perfect. They talk about kids, she presses him to see how many he wants, he says two seems good but he is open minded, EMily says so three? four? She is clearly planning their whole entire life in that very moment.

Not shocking she gives him the rose, it feels like if she could, she'd marry him right there on the spot. Instead she settles for making out on the roof top.

Back at the house then men chat, Kalon says something along the lines of "everyday is a group date, you, her and Ricky" the men didn't like that answer, especially because Kalon himself grew up with a single mom. I sense drama coming soon.

The next date card arrives:

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet....." only Alejandro notices this is a Shakespeare quote... props to him for that!

And invited are:

Chris, Arie, Ryan, Doug, Alejandro, Travis, John, and Kalon

Jef gets the second one-on-one. Kalon is pissed, the others aren't happy, but not nearly as grumpy or bitchy about it.

Next up - the Group Date

Travis is up first and he is horrible. Everyone laughs. They are all horrible actually. The men all laugh at each other.

Emily admits she doesn't care about the acting, but the ability to have fun, be silly and not take it too seriously.

Alejandro, John, Ryan, Kalon, win mens roles, the worst actors, Arie and Doug play females.

They prepare briefly and are given the scene they will play.

Arie is beat red as the nurse, and this concerns Emily. Travis has a lot of fun with it. Kalon seems to take it very seriously (competitively) Ryan is his "stiffest competition" and Ryan is excited he gets to kiss Emily. Emily comes to check in and Kalon tells Emily to run along so they can rehearse.

After practicing, they find out it is almost show time and there will be a live audience. Nerves increase.

They get interesting Shakespeare costumes and wigs.

The play starts....

Balcony Scene: Kallon & Emily
He takes it quite seriously and is quite intense.

Doug is a hilarious nurse with John Wolf.

Alejandro and Travis were funny along with Chris.

Arie as a nurse with Emily was really unintentionally funny. He was so embarrassed, but he had every reason to be... it was really bad. He pulled it off though!

Ryan and Emily's scene was really bad and Emily looked not interested in kissing Ryan. It was a little peck and the men were clear to point out it was just an acting kiss. So, Ryan went back in for more.... the men weren't happy about that. Emily complimented his kissing - ew! I used to like Ryan, but he has been a bit sleazy lately (or the editing has made him so)

Off for some eats and drinks... and drama...

They all go to some kind of brewery or pub and Emily compliments their good spirit today for the acting. She has some one on one time with each of the men, first is Arie, who admits how tough today was for him. They are still playful and seem to connect, but the Arie baggage can't leave my brain, even as they make out on the picnic bench.

Next up is Ryan who closes the curtains to have privacy. She calls him "trouble" as she smiles which he interprets as a good thing. The men plan to interupt him anyways. Ryan says he has a surprise for her and he pulls out a necklace with a pendant on it which she really loves. I atill think he is sleazy, this gesture feels like a "must do" on his part.

Kalon is mad he hasn't had time to talk to her and he says something along the lines of waiting to talk to an exhausted, sick, mother with a child waiting on her... um.... obviously Chris gets upset again at this and he tells Arie who is also upset. Chris and Artie then somehow manage to sit with all the men except Kalon and they discuss it.

The men are pretty upset. Doug, a dad, confronts Kalon who says he did say "baggage" but didn't mean it as an insult, he meant it as "responsibility" and he won't take back what he said... Doug is pissed, if someone said that about his son he would be mad, so he feels he has to tell Emily.

Emily is so mad and ponders the most "lady like" way to handle this... she can't think of one... so she goes to confront him.

The scene is set, Doug has everyone sit down and Emily takes off her coat. Doug confronts the topic, Emily says "Do you have anything to say for yourself" Kalon kind of defends himself, but not really.... Emily cuts him off saying "I'd love to hear you talk, but not until I am done, I got that line from you" ha ha - go girl! She calls Ricky a blessing and asks if he can say anything he says no, she tells him to get the fuck out. He says he only dreamed his first child would be his own, Emily is hurt by that because she his MOM is a single mom and she says the whole conversation is so disappointing she will not have it. She walks away. She says the only solution was if he did not say it, but he did, the end, he is gone.

Emily is upset and worried she let Kalon get this far and also why no men told her sooner? Then men back peddal that they didn't want to say anything and wanted to let her find her way - she doesn't buy it, she expects respect and honesty and decides she won't hand out the rose tonight. I feel like Doug should have got it, he was the one who told her. Ah well! Sean and Jef surely have a leg up for avoiding this train wreck of a night.

One-on-one date time with Jef, but Emily is still in a foul mood from the group date. Jef is aware of what happened and wants to make sure Emily is doing ok.

They go for tea first and learn ettiquette first. This lady is absolutely annoying and Jef and EMily have NO TIME to talk because "JEAN" is teaching them how to hold cups, pour tea, eat snacks and yadda yadda yadda...........

Luckily Emily and Jef feel the same way and bolt.

They hit a pub and are way more relaxed and have time to chat and get to know each other. Jef takes this opportunity to tell Emily about what Kalon said and that he HAD stood up for her. Emily feels better but feels Jef is hard to read and is hoping to see that Jef is into her. Later in the evening they have dessert in the London Eye. They have a nice conversation and things seem to be going well. I still wonder because he comes across a bit young and they both seem cautious. Yet, somehow they got to the serious, what if life discussion and he seemed sincere and really... into it.

He of course gets the rose. They also share their first kiss by the water after he apologizes for not kissing her in Bermuda. Jef says Emily takes his breath away, he is truly in love, and now if he can figure out how to show her that, they could be ever lasting.

Cocktail Party
Travis and Emily chat and she asks how he would react to someone saying something bad about her. She says she would have his back and hopes he would too. Travis feels uncomfy and feels it is a pretty serious convo. John says he feels bad he didn't tell her about the Kalon thing. Arie tries to be supportive and listens to her talk about how the Kalon thing made her feel, he seems kind of dopey during the conversation he doesn't have the right answers. Emily is on a role and calling out everyone for not standing up for her. Arie is shaken. Ryan and Emily talk and he tries to have fun with her and make her laugh. Props to him for trying to lighten the mood by re-enacting the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet and summarizing what it means, complimenting her. She is falling for him, despite the red flags he sent out early on - bad Emily! At least she is hip to the warnings. Sean wants to let Emily know that he is there for her. They have a nice talk and lets her know he will always be honest and he is one of the good guys! They kiss, I love them! He gives her butterflies in her heart.... gah!!! Adorabz!

Rose Ceremony:
Sean & Jef already have roses.
Kalon was already sent packing.


Good-bye to Alejandro, I was surprised he lasted this long, we barely saw anything from him, though what we did see was awesome. He is obviously an intelligent and charming man, but editing didn't show much sadly.

Next Week:

Looks like a one on one with Ryan, Travis, Jef maybe, Some kissing with John, Arie, Chris, then of course drama, Jef and Arie talk about someone who is there for the "win" who are we talking about this time? Maybe Chris? Arie goes to Emily's room to tell her, after not telling her about Kalon...

Lot's more kissing in upcomgin weeks, Jef, Arie, Xhris still around it looks like. Ryan too, It is hard to say what is next week and what is future episodes. Sean, Trais, lot's of kissing - it is insane. She says she is falling in love with more than one person. Crying and tanned Emily ponders her decisions and I almost feel bad for her until they show her scuba diving and making out with more hotties.

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