Monday, June 11, 2012

Master Chef - Top 36 Challenge

The rest of the auditions happened tonight and then a Top 36 challenge using beef.

Some memorable cooks from the auditions:

husband and wife, blind gal, tall (not basketball player) guy, nearly made it gal, cowboy, Monti, and more.

At the end of the hour, there are some groups. One group of 12 is safe to go to master chef, the other group of 12 is already not staying and then there are a few people back at the stations still who get to come present their dishes.

Going Through - the cocky asian girl, Ryan the unemployed ego maniac...that was all I saw....

First up:

David - Italian Beeg Taco with Eggplant - tastes good but simple
Anna - Beef stuffed onions with raisins and horseradish - Lacks colour but tastes good
AJ - Orecchiette pasta with broccoli rabe and fennel meatballs - nice idea but a bit bland
Tanya - Persian Kebab with red onion pickle salad and egg plant - bold but within her comfort zone of persian food

Tanya and David get through. Husband and Wife AJ and Anna step forward and are told to say good bye to each other as one is going home alone is AJ. Anna goes through.

Next up:

Christine - Thai Basil Beef with rice dish (She is the blind cook) - complex flavours are delicious but beef is dry
Bubba - Ranch Stew with corn bread topping - flavourful but simple
Didn't get her name Nadinni? - Beef and Spinach Curry - cooked well but doesn't explode with flavour
Monti - Beef Roll with greens and almonds - delicious

Monti goes through. I am glad I like her!

Bubba and Nadinni(?) did not make it.

Christine - gets through!!! I love it!

Last up:

Courtney - (a man) Spaghetti Bolgnese - brave move to try to make sauce in shrot time, it is a bit sweet
Romy - Grape Leaf Patty - pickled well, weird colour for beef, but tastey and bold
David- Faux Bone Marrow - smart idea, savory, but some undercooked veggies
Sharine - Roasted egg plant stuffed with garlic mash and beef with tomato butter sauce - raw eggplant, not a lot of positive reviews

Courtney - sent home, a bit shocking
Sharine - sent home, no shock there
Romy and David - only one goes through.... and it is David!

And now we have our Top 18!!!

So who do we have?
Anna Rossi
Becky Reams
Christine Ha
David Mack
David Martinez
Felix Fang
Frank Mirando
Helene Leeds
Joshua Marks
Michael Chen
Mike Hill
Monti Carlo
Ryan Umane
Samantha de Silva
Scott Little
Stacey Amagrande
Tali Clavijo
Tanya Noble

View full bio's here

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gman said...

Great job Christine Ha! I think the whole world will be rooting for you as you go through again (hopefully) and that will certainly be a ratings boost for FOX. My whole family watches the show each week now for several years, since my Dish co-worker told me about how awesome it is. Now we can watch both shows back to back the next night because it saves enough time because we can watch commercial free, (automatically skipped) with the Auto Hop feature on our PrimeTime Anytime recordings. That makes my service seem like a better value too.