Sunday, June 10, 2012

True Blood Season 5 Premiere

Season 5 returned and already I am more impressed than I was with Season 4.

It picks up directly where it left off... Tara has been shot by Debbie, Jesus was just killed by Lafayette, Jessica and Hoyt are through and she and Jason have been together. We discover Russell Edginton is "de-cemented" that fellowship preacher dude Steve is back - as a vampire. Most importantly, Sookie has told Eric and Bill to walk away.

Remember all that? ok.......... here we go....


Pam shows up and Lafayette and Sookie convince her (in a floral yellow Walmart sweat suit) to make Tara into a vampire. Pam agrees reluctantly stating that half of Tara's face is blown off and she may come back "fucktarded" love Pam!

Jessica is fratinizing wityh frat boys, enjoying the single life, much to Jason's despair. She does save him from the fellowship, preacher (newly vamp) guy Steve, who glamours Jason and admits he is gay and in love with Jason - wow!

Eric and Bill are trapped by the vampire authority (government) and manage to escape. One of the drivers is in fact Eric's vampire sister Nora - they reunite with some hot and dirty sex. (They are siblings in the case that they share maker Godric - *sigh* I miss Godric so hard! I love him!) anyways, they take on new fake id and are ready to escape life when they are ambushed.

Sheriff sleeps with blonde waitress, her sons come home and see this. Not sure what is going on with this story line next.

Alcide comes by and Sookie almost tells him about Debbie but Lafayette stops her. He has a hilarious line and facial expression where he gets up in Alcide's face and tells him to leave. Love that hooker!

Something weird happened with Terry in the war, his old vet friend is in town and there is talk about all of their crew having issues with "fires" who knows - it feels like an uneccessary side plot - again.

Meanwhile Sam Merlotte is accused of killing werewolf pack leader (his girlfriend, Luna's ex) marcus and escapes them by shape shifting into a bird. They find him at his girlfriends and threaten her so instead of tell the truth (it was Alcide) he accepts the blame and is taken away. Sam shows them where Marcus' body is and the mother werewolf and some of the pack eat his body *gag* while Luna arrives with Alcide and confesses it was him who killed Marcus (making him Alpha?) and some werewolves bow to him - looks like there will be a divide with in the pack....

It ends with a bawling Lafayette and Sookie over Tara's dead, unvamped body. Convinced Pam was unsuccessful in changing her, all of a sudden Tara whips out of the grave and in Sookie's face. She is a vampire....

“I am wearing a Walmart sweatsuit for y’all, If that ain’t a demonstration of team spirit I don’t know what is.” - Pam to Lafayette and Sookie

“I’ve been around the block enough times to know that fangs are basically like twin hard-ons, hard-ons for trouble or for feeding on somebody, never just for talking, not ever,” - Jason to Steve

“I think that’s why I started acting the way I did, all murderous and whatnot, Now that I have been blessed with immortality, I finally have the strength to say it: I’m a gay vampire American. And I love you, Jason Stackhouse." - Steve

“A friend of yours?” asks Bill. “It’s my sister, actually,” replies Eric. HA HA HA

The new identities: Bill’s was “Marcellus Clark,” Eric’s “Ike Applebaum” HA HA HA

Also from a review I read:
Judging by the three episodes I’ve seen, the action is going to come fast and furious this season.

And we can look forward to the appearance of Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU) as the vampire Roman, one of the head honchos of the Authority.

Vampire politics will play a role, as the Authority battles a vampire cult called the Sanguinistas, who believe that humans exist only as vampire Happy Meals.

Also, we’re not quite done with the faeries.

interesting indeed..................

This season is going to be amazing!

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miss tejota said...

I'm waiting for Meloni to appear on TB so I can dry hump my TV. And how could you forget Pam saying "super snatch?" HA!