Monday, June 11, 2012

Hells Kitchen

another episode of hells kitchen tonight.....


The girls are not happy with Barbie. Robyn and Kimmie are losing their minds yelling at her.

New day, Barbie wakes up early and noisily cleans, banging dishes and stomping as she cleans. Out comes Tiffany losing her mind, threatening to choke out Barbie. Robyn is ready to snap too and drama is causing all hell to break lose until Chef Ramsay calls them all down stairs to the kitchen where a room of people are singing America the Beautiful in an immigration ceremony.

Chef Ramsay challanges the chefs to serve them all. Which ever team fees their entire side of the kitchen wins. The menu? Cobb Salad then choice of sliders, pizza or grilled cheese.

Royce is on salads and holds up the men's side. Women struggle with communication.

The Ladies win and get to go to San Diego safari via private jet, while the men get to do some hard labour...

The giraffes lick the girls and they all celebrate with Chef Ramsay. The men lift trees and clear our land.

Later that night Hells Kitchen is ready to open....

American heroes attend and Chef Ramsay is hoping they can actually complete dinner service tonight... I however, am not as optimistic.

Blue starts off well with Royce on Appies. On the floor Don can't spell so his tickets are slow and hold up the men, but the kitchen does well getting food out. Clamenza can't tell time and quotes 20 minutes to the pass, then 15 then he isn't sure - when he brings it up it is cooked perfectly, and the men continue to excel.

Red team starts with soupy spaghetti and Dana is bombing on appies. She finally gets her footing and things start to come out. barbie messes up scallops - again - Ramsay is pissed because it was for a VIP table of firemen. Christina helps out and keeps the red team going.

Both kitchens struggle at times and it seems like they may get through dinner service... Briana keeps burning fish which messes with Kimmie's timing of entrees, which they have to remake. Clemenza runs out of wellington he is supposed to bemaking for the marines on meat station and is forced to go out and reccommend the NY strip instead.

Red gets kicked out of the kitchen and is the obvious loser. They put forth Briana and Barbie, then Dana.

Robyn tells Chef Ramsay Briana and Barbie. Ramsay calls forward Roshni as well. In the end Chef Ramsay sends Briana home.

The ladies are still pissed barbie is till there... more drama to come surely.

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